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Mamoru Kodama's Kokugyo Vol 2

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  • Mamoru Kodama's Kokugyo Vol 2

    Recently I bought a koi book entitled 'Kokugyo Vol 2' by Mr Momaru Kodama. It shows koi developement from young until finished - how body conformation, pattern, hi, sumi and so on change as the koi grow.

    Does anyone has read this book? How authoritative is the author in the koi world? Any comment is welcomed!
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    the Author is worth reading and his understanding of koi appreciation is mainstream.
    I have not read vol. 2. i did enjoy volume 1 and traded it for some nice little fish after i read it. The CD was interesting. However when I pointed out to the Author that his comparison of the same koi in two differnt photos was the exact same negative just with a different exposure times his reply was that he was sorry that my attention was wasted on that particular aspect of the book. ( I didn't think I was fixating. he asked you to compare the two photos. I did and saw they were the EXACT same negative. I thought that should be a big deal considering the book was all about developing a better more discerning eye. Evidently the author did a good job. After reading the book once I was abple to stop a gross error on his part that he didn't see. He is a fantastic teacher, yes?
    I would be happy to read the second volume. I'm surprised he didn't contact me and ask me to proofread it......


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      Originally posted by kiky
      How authoritative is the author in the koi world?
      Kiky, short answer is VERY! He is current President of Miyoshiike (sp) having handed the reigns over, so to speak, to his son.
      No doubt at all that they are both very, very experienced in the art of this hobby of ours, for sure 'authoritive' enough to pay serious heed to.

      By coincidence I just exchanged e-mails with the Rinko offices about purchasing this book, the conclusion being that I'll buy it at the All Japan Show next February. I look forward to reading it.

      "Gentlemen prefer ponds"


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        I have read it, MUCH better than the first book.

        (It might need someone to point out some serious flaws though).

        Thai Koi-Keepers' Group


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          Vol 2 is excellent. It suffers in my mind, however, from the Japanese cultural subtlety. The author leaves it to the reader to draw many conclusions on their own. I would have preferred some more direct spoon-feeding of his knowledge and views. That said, it is the sort of book that I believe can be read again a year later and the reader will glean a deeper understanding.


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            I have both editions, I enjoyed reading both. However, wouldn't it be great if he included the breeders and bloodlines of the koi examples he used in Kokugyo II so we could have better understanding of the different developments of each breeder's koi??


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              Interesting comments on this thread! In my opinion, the guy is very talented

              in his koi discernment and very ambitious to tackle such a topic as few else could.
              Dick Benbow


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                now guys,
                Did any of you see that the pics were the same just one more exposed? I thought if he knew he would put a slip of paper in the current volumes stating they were the same and fix it in the next edition.
                either way I expected a polite, "Thank you we knew that already but it was good of you to be able to catch it as well, and we appreciate you taking the time and effort to email us."
                Instead the letter sound more like," Why are you pointing that out, Don't you have better things to do." As if they were embarassed or upset and didn't want to acknowledge it.
                I liked the book.
                And from opinions expressed here I will have to get vol.2.


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                  Perhaps if you'd sent an e-mail in perfect Japanese you'd have got a better response in Japanese that you could have translated!

                  If you read any of the translated Japanese publications or spend any time in communication with the Japanese then you will find that their 'expressions' can sometimes be 'amusing'.

                  'he was sorry that my attention was wasted on that particular aspect of the book' - sounds fair enough, the guy's apologising for wasting your time with an incorrect picture!

                  Mark Gardner


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                    Wow I didnot expect so many of you have read the book. Frankly I have not read it thoroughly. I just have a quick glance through the pages. Seems very interesting though. Like Mike said, this is the kind of book that you can refer again and again in the future.

                    And from the many comments, I think it is good for collection too, especially for someone with minimum koi experience like me. Printing quality is excellent. Paper quality is good. Binder is extremely good. It sure 'looks' expensive and worth putting in your bookshelf!


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                      Luke, I think you kinda missed the point of the exercise. It was to illustrate variation in color and to use the 'koi model' as a talking point to educate. It was no error. And it was not about those individual koi?
                      I think his answer was perfect! He saw you missed the point of the lesson entirely. Politely, but kinda in your eye, he lamented the fact that it went over your head.
                      His son, the interpreter and company business manager speaks perfect English by the way, he went to college here in the States. JR


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                        Dear Brian at Koi-Bito

                        As you probably understand we are located a bit from your average reader. Yes even from the Brits transport vice.

                        Books like this one would bee appreciated one your wee store. We have tested it and it functions superbly.

                        We prefer to go through a place that don’t consider our place off birth an problem. We have before been buying such items from the US or straight from the source when its located in Europe. Frankly the shipping from Japan impressed us a lot.
                        Tone - Truls -Petter
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                          Sorry you are wrong on this one. the verbage used to ask you to look at the two pics said they were from significantly different times in the koi being discussed life. (Yet in fact they were just the same pic.)
                          If you go and read the words and look at the pics and do not see that I will go find a copy and try and explain it better.
                          It was not intentional. Would a man with this understanding of color and luster pretend like he was talking about the decline of the color in one koi's development and decline and attempt to show it by over-exposing the exact same negative instead of giving a real example. I would hope not. I would hope that it was an oversight. The verbage indicated he felt as though the pics were from the same koi just different times in its life.
                          Please try and read the verbage associated with the photos...I believe it was a kohaku...maybe with two steps. It's been a couple of yrs.... but I think it was in the middle of the book...
                          As I said. The author said the two pics were from different times, and described what time had done to the koi. My intent in emailing him was to see if others had noticed this error, and i felt like the author would desire to correct it. he didn't and tried to bury it.
                          Good book as I've said...just not much of a positive interaction with the author.


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                            Yes I had the education of listening to his son translate for him at AFKAPS 2(?) yrs ago. I know how well his son can speak american.


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                              I memorized the page on asagi's to make sure he didn't know more than I on my favorite koi. Curious to see what he has on his part 2? anyone fill me in? I can wait for issure #8 (auspicious # in china) of KB as it will be one of the rare few mags with an article on asagis! I have some older nichgirin's with some non informative info on my favorites but nothing worth getting excited over.
                              Dick Benbow


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