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Koi health symposium tomorrow

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  • Koi health symposium tomorrow

    A symposium on ornamental fish health and disease in Musashino City, Tokyo which will focus on koi and KHV from the afternoon.

    Keynote speakers will include Professor Hatai of Nippon Veterinary and Animal Science University, Professor Miyazaki of Mie Prefecture University, and also my friend Dr. Hasegawa of Keihin Veterinary Center.

    Professor Miyazaki will be explaining the findings of the vaccine that's been developed for Aeromonas hydrophila.

    Mr. Yuasa of Kokusai Suisan Gijutsu Kaihatsu (Marine Technology Development International) will address the latest on KHV in Indonesia.

    Professor Hatai will speak on KHV infection in Japan and measures that the government is taking to combat it.

    Mr. Shunichi Yoshida, Vice-Chairman of the AJNPA will speak about countermeasures being undertaken in the Japanese koi industry to prevent the spread of KHV infection.

    I will be attending along with Mr. Baba of Kinsai Shuppan for the afternoon session. These are the movers and shakers in Japan with regard to koi disease, so it out to be quite informative indeed.
    Brian Sousa
    Koi-Bito Forum
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    Good show, let us know the outcome. Also, give my regards to Dr Hasegawa, and Mr Baba.



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      Yes be very interested in the outcome


      Would be great to get some output from the seminar.

      Mark Gardner


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        An excellen initiative,

        I hope you can bring back something to share with us all.

        rgds Bern
        South East Koi Club


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          looking forward to learning more from the seminar.


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