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Devastation news - lost motivation on pond construction

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  • Devastation news - lost motivation on pond construction

    I had planned on going to Japan this year on a learning trip but decided to concentrate my funds on completion of the pond project before spring. With all the news of the devastation in Japan I have been unable to work on the project for two days now and I don’t even own a koi yet. Having experienced tornadoes, hurricanes, volcano and an earthquake first hand I still can not fathom the devastation these people have had and will have to cope with, my heart goes out to them. It really changes your perspective on your trivial everyday problems.

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    Lester, I am sure the breeders would tell ya to continue your project and too leave room for some Niigata koi. Most of the breeders I have met are very humble and positive. I feel the sadness you feel and I was there less than a week ago. Pictures still fresh in my min, Breeders faces coming to welcome you and say good bye. Breaks my heart as well.

    But continuing your project is supporting the hobby from where it came. Please Continue your beautiful pond.

    It's a living creature (chit happens)


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      Hey neighbor!

      Japanese breeders have invested a lifetime of learning into educating the world to enjoy the beautyof koi. Joe is right...get back to work as a tribute to an industry,

      much like the Phoenix Bird that will rise again, stronger in many ways.

      appreciate each day given you with the joy of koi
      Dick Benbow


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        Yep. Get back to it! ... hopefully soon I'll be doing the same.


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          Let's just say if the BOSTON RED SOXs can win a World Series

          Let's just say if the BOSTON RED SOXs can win a World Series after 85 years, you can surely finish your pond. While those people are slowly gathering their lives together and I am sure it isn't the Samurai way to give up without a fight to survive. So continue, atleast when the time comes there wont be any excuse your pond isn't ready! Keep your chin-up and get back to work!!!!

          The world sleeps as the chance to learn something new passes.


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            lester's pond is in his front yard and I would think the neighbors might have some encouragement of their own for him to finish it!

            besides it's getting time for me to come over and make my plumbing inspection!

            Lester is the kind of guy you want in your koi club! all encouragement appreciated!
            Dick Benbow


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