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  • An eary silence


    It seems there is a very eary silence over the last day or so with regards to any new information about what is going on in Yamakoshi and the wider koi producing area.

    Have you heard any more?

    Does anyone have any new, hopefully positive, news?

    Mark Gardner
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    maruju tanaka who lives at the base of a mountain in mushigame has been heard from. Kevin at genki koi say that he and his family are fine!

    your right Mark, it is getting harder to get news out but with all the cell phone towers down, it is making things get done the old fashion way.
    Dick Benbow


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      I have just received the information i've posted below. All more positive than anticipated.

      Mark Gardner


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        Things don't seem to be getting better. There are 3,000 people now living in the Ojiya Municipal Gynasium, getting about 1/3 of the calories they need a day, and queuing up 20 minutes to use the lavatories. I saw aerial video of Uragara today, and the whole area looked like a river. In other areas, you could see dead koi that had been washed out of their ponds and down the driveway. The lucky ones managed to escape in the drainage ditches, and were crowded and bewildered.

        The outskirts of Nagaoka may see some semblance of modern life restored soon, it's going to be a long time before electric, water, and road service are restored in Yamakoshi.
        Brian Sousa
        Koi-Bito Forum


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          Thanks for info Brian.

          I am keeping tabs on as many of the Japanese news sites that report in English as I can.

          It is clear that the 'suffering' goes much deeper than Nishikigoi.

          Fujio Oomo suggests that power in Yamakoshi will be restored very soon and, on the basis that he hopes to get koi out in 3-4 weeks presumably some sort of road access.

          Mark Gardner


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            Well, I think that's optimistic to say the least. I wish I could encode the news shots here to streaming video and give you a look at exactly what it is I'm seeing. That would probably save a lot of explaining.

            The roads and surrounding land are unstable and the power companies aren't going to focus their already stretched resources on getting power restored to the heavily damaged and sparsely populated Yamakoshi area.

            With 103,172 people evacuated from their homes, and living in schools, tents, and many also in their cars...I'm simply afraid that the mountains, now evacuated aren't really a priority.

            Sad as that sounds, I think that's reality. I could see Torazo's house and the garage in front of Izumiya on the TV as I write this.
            Brian Sousa
            Koi-Bito Forum


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              I saw some footage on line last night from the BBC and another Japanese station but it wasn't great quality.

              As far as prime time news is concerned, in the west sadly this is no longer 'hot news' it seems. I have managed to see scant coverage over here since the quake happened.

              I hope Fujio's optimism is not misplaced but fully understand where you are coming from.

              Mark Gardner


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                For Mark, Brian and Everyone

                I'm a fan of Koi living in Tokyo.
                I would write informations I saw from TV News, form the other BBS,
                and listened form the Disaster Dial ( that provides public "Voice Recorder"
                served by NTT)

                -- From TV News --

                Takatatsu (Yamakoshi Takezawa)
                Father and Son are still in their house taking care of their left Kois,
                although all the resident in Yamakoshi are forced to evacuate.
                They said " The half of their Kois are safe. But the fuel to run the
                electric generator would be short." 

                -- Form the other BBS --

                Tanaka (Yamakoshi Takezawa)
                They lost all Kois.
                written in

                -- From the Disaster Dial --

                Torazo (Ojiya Uragara)
                All family members are safe ( recorded by a cousin )
                Some are in the shelter, some are in their relative's house.

                OYA (Ojiya Koguriyama)
                All family members are safe ( recorded by a relative )

                Dainichi (Ojiya Minaminigoro)
                A the time of Oct 23 late evening,
                Someone recorded that family members are safe
                and the master would care their Kois overnight.

                Sorry for my poor English.

                Gen-Rin-Koi From Tokyo, Japan


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                  Thank you, Gin-Rin-Koi.


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                    Please don't apologise gin-rin-koi. Your English is more than adequate to explain what you have taken time to tell us. Thank you ever so much for taking the trouble of informing us of the situation in your country. Anything and everything you say is deeply appreciated.
                    Deepest thanks.
                    Semper in excreta, sumus solum profundum variat


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                      Have to agree with Scott, please do keep us updated with anything you hear of.
                      Regards, Bob
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