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    "Message From Fujio Oomo - JAPAN EARTHQUAKE"

    I have just spoken to Fujio Oomo in Japan, who has given us some further information:

    Severe Earthquake hit the same area again yesterday, causing some further major landslides, making some situations even worse.

    They have had several medium quakesv / aftershocks today (Theirtime), or through our evening last night.

    Electricity has just been restored to Oomo koi farm, and that local area, so i presume Nogami has also electric now. Oomo is working as we speak to return the farm to full working order.

    Makoto Tanaka (Marusyo Koi Farm) In Yamogohira has lost approx 70% of Tosai, and the whole of the village, (Including, Kaneko, Tanaka, Yoshinori & San Roku) have been evacuated completely from the Village until further notice by order of the Government & Police.
    This obvisouly causes a problem with maintaining fuel to generators etc, but Makoto has asked the police to keep the generators topped up with fuel.

    Kaneko was initially reported to have saved all the purchased / reserved fish a few days ago, this morning Oomo said that the situation at Kaneko's was very sad, many many fish had been lost, but he didn't know which ones.

    Oomo plans to move the more expensive fish and important stocks from Tanaka's facilty into his as soon as they can.

    He mentioned that he had heard that Maraju's facility had totally collapsed.
    He cannot reach any of the breeders on Uragara (Koi Ginza), but he feared that Kosugi's upstairs tanks had fallen, and all breeders along that stretch have lost many many fish.

    He thinks that Marudoh's newest facilty with 2 yrs+ koi is ok, and although Marudoh has broken his arm and wrist he is still working, but he htinks that his facility next to his home has lost all fish.

    Kase san has contacted him to say only minor damage has been sustained at Kase & Aoki's facility, and they are were asking about shipping, which is encouraging.

    Oomo said that most breeders have tried to preserve all sold stocks as much as possible, but he fears that some will receive some wrong fish.

    A Personal Message from Oomo:

    "Please tell all the Kind English Dealers & Cusotmers, belonging to Allandale Koi & Koi Plus Party & Connoiseur Koi Party and many others:

    So many thanks to everyone who helped Oomo & Nogami koi farms to recover after the devastating natural disaster. They are responsible for preventing Oomo Koi Farm from losing all of his fish, and for preventing Nogami san from closing. Without these people and their customers there would have been no way that Oomo & Nogami could have remained in the Koi business. I cannot think of enough of the words to say for the many many help that you had gave to us during that time, thank you too much for your help."

    - Fujio Oomo & Hisato Nogami
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    Thanks! for passing along that message! what a tribute to the brotherhood of koi-kichi's. Does my heart good. Fujio is such a likeable personality and nogami san i hold in high regard. Things are looking better!
    Dick Benbow


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