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    hi im a 12th grader and im doing a a big project in school. my project is about koi. i was wondering if anybody here can give me any info about koi. i would like it alot.

    ps i have 8 koi
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    What is the basis of your project? The hobby? The fish? The production?

    There is alot of stuff you can write about, but then again you would be writing book by the time you are done with your project.

    I am sure some of the people can answer you questions if you post the questions, but everyone is kinda occupied with the earthquake that just happened 2 weeks ago. So, some of the more experienced people might be a bit moody.

    But it doesn't hurt to ask questions.
    The world sleeps as the chance to learn something new passes.


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      My daughter prepared many a school paper based on what she could get off the internet. Her best grades came, however, when she went to the library first. Bet the library in your area has a book or two on koi published after 1990. Then come back with your questions. Folks here will be happy to help.


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        good advice Mike! always glad to see a youngster get interested!
        Dick Benbow


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          my research is on the history of Nishikigoi. so far i found 5 great websites. i did found a great book about koi (George C. Blasiola )
          i already did the fun part now i have to do the hard part. let me start in the beginning. seniors have to do a project for the whole year ( at my school)
          they have to do a physical project and the research. my physical project was building a koi fish pond and raising them and the other is history of koi.
          rigth now i dont have any questions. so gtg see.

          sorry to hear about the earthquake. i hope nobody was hurt

          see ya soon


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            I wrote a few pages of koi history a few months ago for my club newsletter. Not footnoted etc., and some literary license taken, but a decent overview. Post what you learn and if you show you are doing your own work, I'll share it with you. Then you can point out my errors on the details. But, I warn you, not much in the way of dates. History teachers expect dates, so you'll need to do most on your own any way.


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