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Thanks to Brian from Alan Coogan

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  • Thanks to Brian from Alan Coogan

    Alan Coogan is a BKKS judge who spends every autumn with Shintaro, living with the family and helping with the harvest. This year he was honoured by Toshio Sakai when he asked him to assist with the Matsunosuke harvest.

    Then came the earthquakes. Alan stayed with the Shintaro family until Monday when he left, by foot, to Nagaoko.

    On arriving in Tokyo he and his wife were met and looked after by Brian (Sousa) and a guy called Olav.

    Alan asked me to forward his thanks to this pair, as he is not an internet-aware person.

    Rgds BERN
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    That was nice of Brian! doesn't surprise me tho. Our publisher gets a gold star!
    Dick Benbow


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      Alan was pretty cool. If you get the chance, share this picture with him !!
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        On behalf of the BKKS I do apologise for you having to put up with his caterwauling.

        Once upon a time, I too thought he was cool, but that was up until the return journey from the BKKS dinner dance this year, where Alan demonstrated vocally, that he knew all the words to "Ernie, the fastest milkman in the west" (a Benny Hill song) , Nobody really cool would know all the words, let alone the exact phrasing and sound effects.

        I'll pass on the pic.

        rgds BERN
        South East Koi Club


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          My pleasure and would do the same anytime. Consider what they'd been through, it was nothing on my part at all. The Coogans are a lovely couple, and I look forward to meeting them again under more "happy" circumstances.

          "Ernie, the fastest milkman in the West", eh? Now that really takes us back, doesn't it?
          Brian Sousa
          Koi-Bito Forum


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