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News Story from the Niigata Nippo Re: KHV and Brocade Carps

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  • News Story from the Niigata Nippo Re: KHV and Brocade Carps

    This news item is dated 23-12-2003, the translation was done by Alta Vista BableFish.

    "4000 brocade carps of the nurturing carp traders of Nakagoe area the large quantity with the problem which dies on the 12th, is to have raised the prefecture goes does water quality made the opinion that cause of mass death clear. The possibility the fact that the iron is included mainly being the primary factor is high. Centering on mass death, the prefectural inland water surface fisheries experiment station (Nagaoka city) due to the carp herpes virus illness (KHV) the positive reaction was shown in inspection and infection was doubted, but 11 ends of the month, the marine products comprehensive research center cultivation laboratory (Mie prefecture) with in decision inspection of the country it became negative, the prefecture investigated cause of death."

    Brian, perhaps you could clearify this a bit?
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    Hi Theron,

    I took a look at the original link. This article states that the some 4,000 nishikigoi that died in Niigata were not due to KHV, but rather water quality. They believe that the water being used contained an excessive amount of iron, and that's what caused the die-off.

    Tests for KHV were done in Nagaoka which were postive for KHV, but turned out negative when re-conducted by the marine research laboratory in Mie prefecture. The tests conducted in Nagaoka produced what is know as a false negative.

    That's about the size of what it says...
    Brian Sousa
    Koi-Bito Forum


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      Has there been any proven KHV on Nishikigoi at all?



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        The AKCA KHV fact sheet says....

        [KHV] Appears to cause disease and mortalities only in common carp and koi but the virus can also infect goldfish and crucian carp (Haenen et al., 2006 –Bergmann & Tinman presentations) .

        This creates a new wrinkle for those of us who keep both koi and goldfish. Does anyone know how it was determined that goldfish can carry KHV? Are there any real life examples of goldfish having transmitted KHV to koi or is this information based entirely on lab work? Does anyone bother to expose new goldfish to naive koi to make sure they are safe to keep around? Does anyone have a copy of Haenen, Way, Bergmann and Ariel (2004)?

        -stevehop kins


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