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  • Message From Taro Kodama

    Dear Nishikigoi Lovers,

    As most of you might know by now, one of the largest earthquakes hit our cradle of Nishikigoi, Ojiya city and Yamakoshi village at 5:56PM on 10/23 (Sat.).

    Fortunately, my father and I left Niigata 5 hours ago on the day. We were still in the middle of Koi hunting. But because we had enough load to take back once to the main store, we left there at noon instead of staying there for another day as planned.

    We heard the news right after we came home. We watched that the roads and the farms that we drove and stopped by 5 hours before no longer existed. I do not know how I can express my feeling at the time. We could have been there if we did not change our plan.

    Now after about 1 week, we were able to reach most of the breeders but not all of them. We were able to confirm that some of the Koi we purchased are OK and that the rest are not.

    Some breeders that we have known for years may have to go out of business. Some must spend years again to come back where they were before the earthquake. Definitely Niigata as a whole will not be able to supply what they supplied in previous years. It may take only a year or it may take 10 years. At this point, we have no idea.

    But we believe in Niigata, the cradle of Nishikigoi (Japanese Koi). We believe in people who started and created the beautiful creature and have cultivated the wonderful culture.

    We, Japan Koi Online, as a dealer provide our 100% support to our breeders more than ever. As we have been, we buy as many Koi as possible from them and introduce them to our customers.

    If you love Nishikigoi, please support your dealers who buy Koi from Japan, especially from Niigata. We understand Koi from other countries such as China, Israel are available. But breeders in Niigata are the ones who have pursuit for and created the beauty of Koi. They are the pioneers. Please support them and save beautiful Japanese Nishikigoi.

    I will plan to come back by the second week of November.

    Thank you.

    Sincerely in Nishikigoi

    Taro Kodama

    Japan Koi Online
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