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    Hi Everyone,

    Well I'm back from Japan and what a trip it was. While I was there several powerful earthquakes rocked Nagaoka, Ojiya, Yamakoshi and the surrounding areas. Some of the earthquakes registered over 6.0 on the Japanese rector scale. For several days after the quake I stayed to help the few breeders I could reach get their generators running and save what stocks they could. The majority of the breeders that are located in Mushigame Village have been devastated, I'm not sure if they will want to stay on in the village or if they will even be allowed to because of the number of houses that have been left unsafe, hanging perilously close to collapsing or sliding off the steep mountain sides.

    I'm still not sure what overall effect this will have on the koi hobby as we know it but it surely will be changed forever. Getting information has been slow and difficult. Phone service in much of the area is still out as well as electric and water services. The breeders with cell phones are not always able to charge them making it difficult to reach them in some cases.

    I have purchased more koi then ever this year but I still don't have a good estimate of what koi are alive, dead, able to be shipped or not able to be shipped. Many of the koi were sold over the internet while I was in Japan or were koi that people had requested via The Koi Hunter. Unfortunately I will not know what koi will be shipped until mid November when the shipment actually arrives. So if had purchased a koi or if I was looking for a specific koi for you I do not have any information on it and like I said I will not have any information until the shipment actually arrives here in the USA. Thank you for your patience and understanding while I try to gather more specific information.

    If you would like you can receive an email every time the site is updated with a new koi or new products by going to the USA Koi newsletter sign up. Enter your email in the newsletter sign up and click unsubscribe this will open a new window for you to select your preferences.

    Well that covers it for now and if you have any questions or comments please send me an email.


    Mark Bodycott

    [email protected]
    Phone: 856-881-7088
    Fax: 856-881-7089
    701 N. Main Street
    Glassboro, NJ 08028
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    Good to hear your back safe Mark. When are you planning a return visit?


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