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Update on Niigata etc from Ryusuke Fukazawa (Matsuda Koi Farm)

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  • Update on Niigata etc from Ryusuke Fukazawa (Matsuda Koi Farm)

    Had this in from 'Ray' overnight:

    Dear Mark,

    Those areas on the flat land like the most part of Ojiya, Nagaoka, etc. have restored the supply of electric power, water, gas and the telephone lines. But those areas located in the mountains where koi have been farmed like the whole village of Yamakoshi, part of Ojiya, Nagaoka, Kawaguchi, Horinouchi, etc. are far from restoration after 10 days. The roads have been badly damaged or totally washed away by landslides in thosea reas and the repair teams of those infrastructure do not have access to those areas. Rainfall has been causing successive landsldies and the road repair and rebuilding work does not show progress.

    We are quite sure that Matsuda Koi Farm and many other koi farms have suffered a heavy damage nut nobody knows to which extent the damage has reached because we do not have access to the ponds at the moment. It is said that many koi in the concrete pools died due to the water leakage through the cracks on the pools and many koi in the mud ponds werew ashed away by the landslides.

    Circumstances being as above, I have to tell you that we do not know when we will be able to get back to the business.

    We will keep you informed.


    for Matsuda Koi Farm
    Mark Gardner
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    Very sad, but thanks nonetheless.


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      Indeed, thanks for sharing Mark, very, very sad but seems a realistic, very believable report.

      "Gentlemen prefer ponds"


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