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Koi from other lands ????

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  • Koi from other lands ????

    OK folks.
    Lets "fess up".
    Our beloved Nishikigoi are raised successfully, in many areas of the world.
    Monroe . North Carolina ( Brady -san)
    Liverpool Texas ( Brett_san)
    The US Northeast ( Matt at Quality Koi, in conjunction with MISTER KOI, Toshio Sakai !
    My internet buddy, Maurice, is doing a FINE JOB.
    Dick ( Koi blue) I beleive, is playing with them ?
    Jaco ( South Africa) is kicking azz with some nice fish.
    Jaco. Get your papers in order,
    Doc Jim.Phillips.
    Help him out. The beer is on me !

    Lets have a list of GOOD, RESPECTABLE, guys breeding koi.... WORLD WIDE..

    Most of these folks, and many others, are using top Japanese broodstock.

    Who are they ?

    I'd buy fish from any of the above listed... IN A NEW YORK HEARTBEAT !
    Some , I already have !

    I'm not referring to the SuperDooper GC fish from the top 20 in Niigata.
    I'm talking nice , clean, fish for the hobbiest and maybe showing at small local shows.

    Whats out there guys ??
    Jim Reilly. I know you have a buddy in ?? Taiwan ?? Killer pond and ????
    Who is the fellow ?..Tsai ?? dont recall ( I'm old )
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    Thanks Dough,

    That is a big compliment for me and this year's koi looks much more promising than last year.I have about 300 000 fry in the mud ponds now and should start culling end this month and promise to post some pics for you.
    Mostly Kohaku,Showa,Kikisui ,Hariwake and Kojaku, Doitsu as well as scaled
    Jaco Vorster
    South Africa


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      Doug are you thinking the showa man from taiwan. Dr Tsai. He knows his genetics and is a first class judge as well. BTW Taiwan had a huge Earthquake

      today as well! gets kinda scarey

      please don't overlook Mat Mc Cann of Quality Koi. The last Asagi i aquired was bred by him. I think he has a good handle on gosanke. I think some of his sanke
      rank right up there with the best!
      Dick Benbow


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