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  • Koi Price ?!

    When I study the US & UK web site,

    I found that the koi on sale is normally much expensive than that I observed locally.

    How's your feeling?
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    Are you referring to prices in Hong Kong or Japan?
    Mark Gardner


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      You will find that the prices differ a lot in the UK and US, and so do the quality on the Koi offered.

      It cost a lot of mony for the dealer to travel to Japan and hand pick the koi you know, Mark could tell you more about that :roll: :lol: :lol:



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        Dealers have a place

        ...but the commoner that keeps koi cannot buy quality koi through a dealer. And every dealer's (and koi elitists') favorite quote is, " There are cheap koi, and there are good koi, but there are no cheap good koi." it is sort of a mantra.

        Well, there are reasons for costs. One is supply vs demand. I have a rinko magazine from '89, or so, that states if a dainichi koi did not get the asking price it was "buried". They were referring to the pride of koi breeders, but it sounds like a sound business practice. Keep the supply low, yet increase your business's esteem.

        And as to dealer's going to japan and hand picking koi.....I can understand that. Wealthy people relate to their money just like I do. This past year I spent 12% of my Gross income on koi. That is more than I spent on electricity, or car insurance. So what's 100,000 to an extremely wealthy addict. He can have a trained I go pick out some polished koi.

        But back to your main issue. The supply of koi is huge over there compared to here(US). The supply of MONEY over here is HUGE. And what should a koi cost?


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          '...but the commoner that keeps koi cannot buy quality koi through a dealer.' - why not?
          Mark Gardner


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            I mean the price in Hong Kong,

            However I recognized there are heavy costs on travelling.


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              Too be honest i'm not over familiar with the prices in Hong Kong to be able to draw a comparison.

              I would suggest the fixed costs of trasporting koi to Hong Kong from Japan are probably significantly different and also there is considerably less risk given journey time.

              Then of course exchange rates will have an effect of the actual price of the koi to the dealer and obvously market forces as well.

              In the UK there are some places that sell crap koi to unsuspecting buyers for high prices (garden centre type outlets and general aquatic stores) and some delars that sell high quality for considerably more realistic prices.

              Comparing costs from pics is pretty difficult I guess.

              Mark Gardner


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                Understand, and




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                  I guess we'd have to hash out what is a "quality" koi, and what is a commoner.

                  Quality koi are the highest quality or show koi to me. And the commoner is someone in the lower half of the middle class.

                  A dealer has a limited number of chosen koi to make his living from. His quality picks of quality koi will not be within the price range of the common man. There are exceptions and I am pretty sure you will explain them...buying a sow's ear and it turning into a silk purse.

                  I'm not talking about "quality pond fish" (oxymoron used to make someone feel better).


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                    Which show?
                    Mark Gardner


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                      i think there is different quality but people can only afford to buy the quality that they can afford to buy whether good or not as long as you like the koi that your buying then its going to be your pet.
                      show quality fish also vary to different shows and countrys.



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                        I agree! I buy koi for "jus' lookin'", breeding and showing. My expectations for each group are different therefore, I accept that the prices would be different.(Wish they weren't but...)
                        burrrr Al :?


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                          Of course quality will have different meaning to diffent folk, the Momotaro interview in issue 5 captured this, Maeda is looking for parents - his customers for show koi.
                          Mark Gardner


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                            one of the things omitted in the discussion was what the market will bare.
                            for example if your economy is struggling, and a dealer usually buys X amount of koi from a producer, if supply is constant and demand is down
                            then you can get a better deal for the same quality of koi. the reverse works as well with limited supply and higher demand. the cost goes up.
                            look at the value of currency today, canada, the US, and japan thier money value is down.look at the euro and the pound sterling. they're strong!

                            also i have seen in retailers, bins with no prices. you have to ask. let's say
                            a guy drives up in a mercedes and asks a price. later a guy drives up with an economy vehicle of vintage years and asks for the price of the same koi. i have overheard quite a difference in quotation.(hint drive up in something on it's last legs that belches smoke and runs and sputters after you turn it off. a good backfire is great if you can get one!)lol
                            bottom line... know your budget and know a good koi when you see one.
                            Dick Benbow


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                              Koi & price

                              The subject of Koi & prices is such an interesting one, and one that can be debated over and tossed around for many pages.

                              Dick's comment of "Know a good Koi when you see one" is critical here, but also a phrase that can float around like the ether. The irony here is that MANY, MANY, Koi keepers use price as THE indicator of how "good" a Koi is. If it is expensive,... it must be a "good one". I'm reminded of a phone call I got,... it was a lady trying to sell her Koi - she said she had an all white Koi in an aquarium that she wanted to sell,... she also said "I hear Koi are quite valuable", and wanted to know how valuable her 12" all white Koi was, and if I would be interested in buying it from her. We who've been around the hobby for a few weeks or more know the sad comedy of this, but it pushes home the importance of "Know a good Koi when you see one" - if you know a good Koi when you see one, you will also know a good "deal" when you see one. Rely on your trained eye and understanding of Koi, and you will know what is reasonable, and what is inflated, and what is a real bargain. The challenge though is calibrating your "Koi Eye",... the learning curve is like the arch of a rainbow.

                              Best Wishes,
                              Brady Brandwood


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