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Water inlet location?

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  • Water inlet location?

    101 newbie questions. Where is the best location for the water inlet or fill pipe(s). I'm thinking run the water through the middle or end stages of filtration. If I plan on incorporating bakki type towers should it be placed before the towers or go pond direct. I'm thinking to condition the water best I can prior to entering pond environment. I'm also thinking of using more than one location to fill pond. Any insights would be very much appreciated. Aloha all.
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    I trickle my chlorinaded city water thru charcoal and then into the pond. It then goes thru the filter system and back. The trickle is 24/7 and about the size of a pencil.

    I used to store the city water in barrels and declor and oxygenate for 24-48 and heat to same temp and then trickle in. Got to be too much of an effort and current system seems to give me the same results and is alot easier.

    I really don't like to do anything to mess with the health of my filters.

    in the 25 years of developing my filter knowledge, I learned the happier and healthier the filter bacteria is the same results were repeated in the koi. So as I evolved in my koi keeping, I went to bigger and more elaborate,varied types of filters while constantly dropping my population. I have a filter by pass built in incase I need to treat my koi. The only treatment I've done in years is to treat for flukes spring and fall. winter the koi are inside and I don't have any parasite problems till they go back outside.
    Dick Benbow


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      Akai san:

      Sometimes we just get lucky, like living in Hawaii… Not sure about your water source in Kaneohe, but the water from the Pearl Harbor aquifer comes out of the tap at 7.5 pH and 3 dH KH…No trace metals or other contaminants…(Tested by Vickie Vaughn, at the University of Georgia)

      My one concern is the introduction of Chlorine by the Board of Water Supply at times when contaminants are found at the well head or during water main breaks…According to the board, the level should be no greater than 0.05ppm…

      I do a 3 GPH constant water change plus a 35 gal. bottom drainpipe purge each morning and afternoon, which in total, equates to approx. 15%/day…Luckily, the Hudson, auto fill valve is located just before the savio filter/skimmer, so most of the new water is drawn into the savio and filtered through the bakki showers set up before entering the pond…According to an expert from Florida, this should take care of any Chlorine that may be introduced into the pond…

      Aloha! Mike


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