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My Committment = Become a Koi Breeder

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  • My Committment = Become a Koi Breeder

    Hello, everybody,
    I've just established a committment to become a koi breeder within coming 10 years, at when I shall quit from my current profession of construction management and make koi-breeding in Mainland China become my life career.

    I therefore shall ask and learn koi-breeding information and technique constantly via this forum. Please help and assist me to become a professional koi-breeder.

    Thank You
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    Jason, I think you should try working at one of the farms in Japan to learn first hand. Maybe you can have one of the "Backyard" breeders that are on this board give you some advice.
    The world sleeps as the chance to learn something new passes.


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      I am willing to become a volunteer to be worked for a Japanese koi-breeder.
      Say I can take my annual leave to stay in Japan for such purpose.
      However, I will convince a koi-breeder accept me and learn Japanese so that this dream become achievable.

      Might some "Backyard" breeder give me some advices accordingly?


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        Have you researched the koi breeding industry in China? I guess also is what do you want out of breeding...I think some of the guys on here will tell you there is no money to be made if you do it on a small scale..If your doing it for fun I guess it's okay...But you will need to enlist the good advise of Brady and Dick who frequent this forum as well seasoned breeders here in the states. Well good luck on your new choosen career.
        The world sleeps as the chance to learn something new passes.


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          I encourage you to follow your heart. The longer you do what your doing the better chances you will have a being "stuck" there.

          Breeding koi is not something you will get "rich" on. But if you can pay your bills
          and love what your doing, when you get old your health will be better than if you chased a career for the money only. It's physically hard work and long hours. There is much to learn. It's best to learn from a professional. Volunteering
          for room and board and the gift of breeding stock at the end of your servatude
          is the only way to go if your serious.

          Not much is written about what to look for in bloodlines and culling. It's something your taught and you develop an intuition about.

          I wish you good luck in your dream. Please follow it. If it doesn't work you can always go back to what you did. Don't be an old man who wished he'd have done something in his youth...
          Dick Benbow


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            Thanks Aquitori & Dick,
            I would like to say I am not aiming at a money-oriented business,but a life-time career with joyful and happiness. I schedule the dream become ture ten years later coz:-
            1. Mainland Chinese become riching and riching therefore leisure business such as koi business shall be ok at that moment.
            2. I can have adequate time to prepare myself and my family to be able for the change, in terms of money, will and heart etc.
            3. I am 35 right now therefore I still have chance to get back when I am 45.
            4. I can verify myself during this period of time in terms of desire and willingness etc coz I will much and much closer to the business in coming time.
            5. Money to make my family survive can be earned from investment also.
            6. On the other hand, there are many koi farms in Mainland China at the moment. Unfortunately when she is now enjoying rapid economic gowth, everything can be money-making even though u are making mess, they are all focus on quantity gowth but not quality, that's why Japanese can lead us for such a large gap. However I hope I can turn over a new leaf here.

            For sharing, a successful leader shall contain the following four common norms:-
            a. Compelling Desire (to motivate himself continuosly)
            b. Solid Belief (to approach his target unremittingly)
            c. Effective Action (to make himself successful)
            d. Iron Will (to maintain steadiness during failure)
            How many countries and how much people in the World hope John Kerry conquers George Bush, even I am. The fact is George Bush himself committed all aforesaid norms therefore he success.


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              I'm not much on political comment, but like your heart and committment.
              have you ever gone to japan to see a typical farm with mud ponds? If not you need to check out some like hiroshima sakai and Ogata.Both to the south.
              I would think the next 2-4 years will be rebuilding years for the koi farmers of Niigata and you would have the best chance to catch on as an apprentice.

              I wish you good luck!
              Dick Benbow


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                Dear Dick,
                Thank you very much and hope u may give me continuous support and alert in comng days.


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                  I will be happy to Jason!
                  Dick Benbow


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                    Koi Breeder

                    Ogata breeder of Japan has just finish building a koi farm in Canton, China. Maybe you can work for him. Good luck.


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                      Dear Sundan,
                      Thank you very much for your information,
                      However, might u tell me how can I approach Ogata Koi Farm?


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