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Should there be another Categorie added for non-koi subjects?

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  • Should there be another Categorie added for non-koi subjects?

    I was surfing around as I usually do on the net at work...Yeah and I am the telephony support for Cisco? What a joke...HAHAHA Anyways, I noticed some other boards have a "Non-KOI subject" for there categories? Why? Is life that stressed out to talk about things other than koi? Well just wanted to throw this thread in there. I personnally I think it's stupid to have something like that then again. They might as we start running a personals for those lonely hobbyist out there.
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    It helps those that need to categorize everything.

    You know the type.


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      I remember a few decades back when I naievely wrote Dr Kuroki about adding a
      article on satsuki azealas in his beauty of japan series for the publication arm of his hobby organization. I got a nice thank-you letter for my suggestion and they went on publishing what they felt was in their interest. that being koi! (LOL)
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