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Update....My shiro utsuri arrived

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  • Update....My shiro utsuri arrived

    Made it through the earthquakes and arrived safe and sound yesterday. She is the one on the right. Both Yagenji females @ 18 inches. Just out of the bag when I took the photo.
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    Shiro Utsuri,...

    A couple of great looking Koi Dan, thanks for sharing! A good choice! Are these Sansai? Nisai? Also, glad to hear the guys over there are shipping now, and getting somewhat back on track.

    Best Wishes,


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      Really nice, I like heavy pattern Shiros. Cool, great picks.
      The world sleeps as the chance to learn something new passes.


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        Brady....both 2 year olds. By the way really enjoyed seeing a thread somewhere on a couple guys at your farm and all the fun and of course the koi.


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          Wow, she's very good looking.


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            Nice kois! Congratulations.

            Thai Koi-Keepers' Group


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              Perfectly ideal purchase!

              You have a keen eye!
              Really prefect looking healthy fine Shiro!
              Lustrous shiny white and deep coloured sumi!
              Both just as ideal!
              Good catch!


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                Great looking Koi Dan.

                A question, related to another thread started by Dick Benbow. In this picture, the Koi on the left has a yellow'er head than your chosen Koi Dan. Is this a trick of the camera, or is it this way? If it is, any comments from anyone on the future development of both?
                Regards, Bob
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                  Both of these koi will develop into great show competitive koi. the yellow is not to worry about. I spent some time at the breeders farm last time over and were really impressed with what the brothers are doing.

                  I think if I remember right this is Dan's 3rd Shiro, all from name brand breeders.
                  Dick Benbow


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                    Bob...the shiro on the left does have a slight yellowing to the head...actually more of a beige coloration. Mine now has sumi coming up on the head area by the right eye and nose. Both are nice quality in the flesh.

                    Dick...actually 5th. This one from Yagenjii, one from Nagashima (male but turning out very nice, with text book checkerboard pattern, another from Marudo, one from Omosaku, and one from Marusho. Unfortunately lost the Omosaku and Marusho to supraverm reactions this spring....ugh. But that's another story unto now have three.


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