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  • KHV Immunized Super Health Koi

    From an Ad in KOI USA

    "Mag Noy Ltd. is Israel's leading marketeer of ornamental fish and one of the largest such companies in the world. Since the outbreak of the Koi virus (known also as KHV or CGNV) in 1998, we have produced millions of immunized Koi to hundreds of satisfied customers in the U.K., Europe, South Africa and North America. "Super health Koi" are vaccinated and immunized against the virus and will not pass it on to other Koi!"

    Could this be true? Why hasn't the industry heard about this since 1998?

    Pond-On (tm)

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    This is a topic that has caused some heartaches with other boards and i really don't want to go there.

    I'd really like it if SMG talked about health in a general way that addressed
    why flu shots are mixed different each year according to what they anticipate
    and how viruses can mutate and change making some vaccines ineffective.

    I would hope that posters who have positive input to share will stay away from hearsay or pointing fingers.

    I think your question is an honest one and i would hope that you would establish
    a q-tank and treat all new koi appropriately as a way to ensure their introduction to your pond is a healthy one.

    Many of the KHA advisors in the USA are receiving education and testing on advance KHV recognition and handling.Perhaps they may want to share what they've learned.
    Dick Benbow


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      Thank you Dick. Were it not for your appeal for restraint, I would have gone off on a huge rant... and probably made a few more enemies in the process.

      steve hopkins

      but don't believe everything you read in an advertisement


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        Thanks Steve!
        Dick Benbow


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          I think it all comes down to a fundamental disagreement on the nature of the virus. And, like Dick alludes to, it could be multiple strains. Will immunity to one strain provide immunity to another?

          The US side identified KHV as a herpes virus. The Israeli side thinks it doesn't fit the herpes profile. Lots of empirical and scientific data attempt to back either side up.

          Right now, however, I'd treat it as a herpes virus. And there is a fair amount of evidence to show that, at least here in the US, it acts like a herpes virus and may break out if a carrier/survivor fish is stressed. And when the break out happens, naive/new fish die.

          That means these 'immunized' fish aren't allowed in my ponds. The fish I'm buying are either Japanese imports from respected dealers/breeders or American bred bought straight from the breeder. And even those get quarentined for a very long time.


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            Thanks Dick--

            I've off site quarantined my purchases for more than two decades now and that won't ever change, except perhaps for increasing the lenght.

            I consider this ad to be misleading and a disservice to the industry--nuff said.

            Pond-On (tm)


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