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To Breed or Not to Breed?

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  • To Breed or Not to Breed?

    For Breeders: At what point during your hobby days did you decide that you wanted to become a breeder? And for what reason did you breed your koi? For knowledge? For income? For the love of your koi? ???

    For Hobbiest: Do any hobbiest out there think of someday breeding koi? Maybe only once? Why don't you want to breed? Time? Space? Knowledge?

    Just interested in how most people progress in this hobby. I just started planning my pond and many questions popped into my head during my planning stages. I like to plan way ahead before jumping into the fire. Because, when I jump, I usually jump head first with no turning back. Hahaha. Thanks all.
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    The reason I gave myself for taking a crack at breeding was to produce my own show stoppers as I couldn't afford to buy them. It may have been on this forum that raising koi was discussed. But when you spawn them and don't have enough room you do more inservice to your operation. In other words the fewer koi you have in your system the better they do. Less crowding better growth better health. I agree. I also have not produced a koi as nice as those I can buy after spawning over about 7 yrs. When it comes to raising nice koi less is more.
    Will I do more spawning yes. Why because I like to do it. Will I produce some better than those I could buy? Time will tell. Am I crazy. Definitely yes!
    The perfect koi is always one purchase or spawning away!


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      My knowledge had outdistanced my pocket book and I was not keeping up with

      competitors better off than myself. I had been schooled with Kentaro sakai a few years back and decided to use what knowledge i had gained to go a different route to get where I wanted to go. I have loved the challenge, and the ability to learn end of it. The joy of breeding a koi that placed against Japanese fish in a local koi show is as extravagant as I ever got.

      Don't let anyone fool you, good breeders aren't cheap either!

      When i learned to fly fish I naturally learned how to tie my own flies. There were times when just being able to make a perfect cast with an impecable imitation was enough to make me happy. Even if the trout came up, took a look and refused it, it still made me happy!
      Dick Benbow


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        I wanted to breed koi as soon as I started keeping koi. It is more exciting to breed koi than most other types of fish because you never know what you will get. Its sort of like the assortment box of choclates or a lottery ticket. As tedious as it is, I love the culling process.

        That said, you have to realize that only about one fish in 10,000 to 100,000 will be really nice - and then only if you are working with good genes. A few more can be acceptable, but most are junk. So, to make a really nice fish and to make any money in the business, you have to start with a lot of room - much more than just a back-yard pond or swimming pool. When you start measuring your ponds in acres instead of gallons, then you are at the right scale. I only have about 100,000 total gallons (1/10th acre) which is way too small to expect much. I am proud of myself if I can make one decent fish per year and sell enough junk fish to break even on the expenses.

        This should not keep anyone from breeding koi though because the process really is a lot of fun. While you are not likely to win the lottery, that possibility still exists and, wiith practise, the odds increase. If nothing else, you will come to appreciate why good koi are so expensive. All it takes is a couple of mature brood fish and an empty pond or large tank for the offspring. If you go into it realizing that breeding koi is just another way to spend time and money on a hobby, then it will be really enjoyable. It you expect to make your fortune or become famous, you will likely be disappointed.

        steve hopkins


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          It is more exciting to breed koi than most other types of fish because you never know what you will get. Its sort of like the assortment box of choclates or a lottery ticket.
          That sums it up for me.I am not planning to spawn every year but rather grow out some of the koi to see what they become.Maybe spawn every second year,one set of parents at a time gives you better control.
          Jaco Vorster
          South Africa


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            I am a hobbyist and I'd never become a breeder - not in the foreseeable future anywhere. I have been keeping koi for only two years. But, prior to koi, I had been keeping aquarium fishes for more than ten years. All these time I have no interest in breeding. It is just too time consuming. Well, maybe only after my retirement then I shall think about it.


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              Bring out to the front...

              Anymore replies for our friends...


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                I view the breeder as the true artist of the koi hobby. Many koikeepers enjoy raising up fry, but that does not make them an artist.

                I've grown up a few fry from unplanned spawns. That does not make me a breeder.

                The world does not need more trash koi. It can always use more artists.


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                  It will be interesting to see what falls out as a result of the earthquake. Some breeders i expect will not make it. Especially smaller ones. I beieve you will see alot of bigger breeders accessing more mud ponds as they become available. When brian ran his string of articles on the next generation of breeders in KB , it was interesting to read their comments. I think koi will be in good hands with the next generation. japan knows that many other nations are pressing hard for the same market. I don't believe they will have the same quality anytime soon
                  Dick Benbow


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                    Hi,,. I have been into breeding fish since I was about 14 years old. Betta was the hardest for me, did not have much luck with them. I have been keeping koi for three years and untill I found a forum I did not know that all I had was junk koi. Well after visting a forum and I got a good look at some nice koi, well I wanted some of my own, checked out buying a few, well the cost of these good koi are to much for my blood. Then I thought well I will just breed me some koi and get me some goods ones, well here goes another learning experience, you have to breed alot of koi to get you a pond full of real nice koi. I eat sleep and live koi, I love this so much I think I will give it a try raiseing some to sell. I am bound by my love of koi to so this, so I spend, spend spend and maybe one day I will make a little something off of my efforts.


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