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oxygenating water, autofills and algea

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  • oxygenating water, autofills and algea

    I hope you can help.

    We had to build a Koi pond for a biologist, surrounded by her 'experts', complete with breeders, nutritionists etc. and they asked us to install a Jet Tek autofill (keep the pond full) because it apparently also oxygenates the water ( and I wondered if you had any advice on this and if her claim (the biologist) was true that increased oxygen also helped reduce black algea. Any other units do this? Any prices or websites would be much appreciated. Thank you.
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    Now THIS has all the markings of one of those 'stealth' msgs Brian was talking about.

    "You know it when you see it."

    On the other hand, high ORP, which is impacted by high O2 saturation, is supposed to help with the good light green algae.

    Has nothing to do with autofills of any kind tho'.


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      I would assume the referenced device serves the purpose of automatically refilling a pond, but the representations made are otherwise rather exaggerated? If somebody is relying on a refill device to oxygenate their water, they have bigger problems to worry over ... like finding the mother of all leaks! LOL Then, the assertions about chlorine do not match experience. See HenryC's experiment with spraying water reported many months back in the thread on water changes. There's more, but I'll not waste time on it. If this is a veiled commercial message, I'd suggest the poster seek a site where the participants lack the brain power to see through their absurd snake oil pitch. I for one generally assume that such gross exaggerations are the hallmark of junk products not worth the time to check them out.


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        I don't know about stealth... sounds like an honost question to me.

        [QUOTE wondered if you had any advice on this and if her claim (the biologist) was true that increased oxygen also helped reduce black algea][/QUOTE]If you find black algae in a pond then something is totally wrong. In a proper pond the algae is green and short, not black and slimy.

        Oxygen addition is something that is needed on a constant basis and not just momentarily while topping up the pond. We strive for a constant balance and stability in our ponds not a momentary quick fix and then back to the main program. Using something like this is either totally unnessasary or, if needed, a sign of a very poorly designed pond. Such a pond could increase O2 levels in many other simpler, healthier and less expensive ways.
        My advice is to save the money unless she sells them herself.
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