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  • Taro Kodama Ask For Your Help

    Please help save the hometown of your beloved Koi and their breeders.


    One of the biggest earthquakes hit Niigata, Japan on October 23, 2004. Though my father and I had barely left the area right before the quake, nearly all the breeders in Niigata are still suffering. Some lost all of their stock… some are still unable to go home since the evacuation because there are restrictions by the government.

    One breeder, that I know very well, was on the evening news the other day. In the interview, he said he lost everything but 7 parental Koi. He was crying. I could not believe my eyes.

    If you have every purchased Koi from our site, or have seen Koi from us, they are 100% from this area. If you have ever purchased Japanese Koi at your local Koi dealer, the chances are they are from Niigata.

    There are many donations from people and the Japanese government for their housing, clothing and food. Insurance may cover the houses and facilities. However, there is no specific support from any governmental agency or organization, for Nishikigoi breeders who have established this important Japanese heritage over many generations. Breeders and their Koi have provided us with many relaxing and enjoyable moments as we raise our beautiful living jewels. Now is the time to give back. Please help by making a contribution to them so that they can return to providing us with beautiful Koi and pleasant times.

    A group of people in Japan organized the Nishikigoi Protection Network. This is a network specifically designed to save the breeders and their Nishikigoi. There may be various ways to support the breeders, but I strongly believe this is the best and most efficient way to save the breeders.

    Niigata breeders and Koi need your support. Please visit

    There are 8 simple things you can do.
    1. Donate money through
    2. Tell your Koi friends about
    3. Add the link to your site if you have a website.
    (Please use the banner at
    4. Ask your friends to add the link to their sites.
    5. Post Nishikigoi Protection Network and at any Koi message board you know.
    6. Share this information at your Koi club meeting
    7. Share this information through your Koi club’s newsletter
    8. Forward this e-mail to your friends.
    Thank you for your attention and thank you in advance for your support.

    Sincerely in KOI,

    Taro Kodama
    Japan Koi Online
    -The Largest Koi Auction Online-
    Help quake-stricken Koi breeders
    in Niigata and save beautiful Koi
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