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looking to chat with an asagi crazed hobbiest

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  • looking to chat with an asagi crazed hobbiest

    Trying to find a counter part in this world that loves keeping asagi's as much as I do that I can compare notes with.Water chemistry, feeds that don't encourage reds etc

    Like to take my craze up a notch but feel like a grass cricket that sings it's lonely song way into the winter,long after all of it's kind have been long gone.

    If anyone knows someone or has an idea for me it would be appreciated

    ( I've got Jr about wore out!) ( it's been awahile since i've heard from Matt
    on one of the off shore islands in Japan )
    Dick Benbow
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    Well, while I like Asagi and I get compliments on the one I've got from judges I really can't say I've studied them.

    I think I like Sankes more. And my wife really likes Budo Goromos.

    But the soft water and Napa Cabbage along with a good pellet food seems to agree with the one I've got.


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      I really enjoy looking at asagi but don't have one yet... we've been looking for one for a number of years here locally... not one has said "take me home" . Ian says a trip to Japan is in order, who am I to argue

      I would think that asagi would do well in our water...? If/when we have one or two, we'll let you know

      Kind Regards, Terri
      Backyard Puddle


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        thank you both for your comments.

        Terri-some day you need to share with us what it is like keeping koi in a very cold northern land. Do you heat your water? do you augment the light they receive? What other hurdles does one have to get over to keep koi in canada?

        Might be an interesting new thread!
        Dick Benbow


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          I think you should try to strike up a relationship with a breeder in Japan if you really want to jump start your program

          Otsuka or Konishi (Hiroshima) are two suggestions

          You will need someone to translate with Otsuka

          Mr Konishi's store manager, name is Matsuda speaks very good english and is well educated. I have seen some fantastic large Asagi there

          One other option would be to talk to Jinbei ( Father)

          A few years ago he had four 60cm Asagi's that were absoloutly flawless

          I will look for pictures for you Dick.

          Tony Prew


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            Dick, I can certianly share what we've done over the past few years, photo's included. Last winter all our koi were indoors, this winter will be no different.

            Question of picking a good asagi for you (and everyone) ... I prefer to choose young fish, I enjoy watching developmental changes. Most young asagi that I have seen here in dealer vats have very little red/orange (which I've read is a good thing?), some with none what-so-ever, most with way too much... and seem very dark or too pale along the dorsal areas.... should you see the beginings of reticulation at the 4 to 7" size? I've not seen many photo's of young asagi to compare what might be good or not so good... some wonderful pictures of adults, I know what I like - it's a curse as I seem to want koi that are not in my budget. Maybe I'm just to picky

            Kind Regards, Terri
            Backyard Puddle


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              Originally posted by dick benbow
              Trying to find a counter part in this world that loves keeping asagi's as much as I do that I can compare notes with.Water chemistry, feeds that don't encourage reds etc

              I think that you'll find many more friends to chat with about asagi in very short course. The wait is over, as issue #8 goes to print tomorrow. For those of you that don't know, this upcoming issue is the "asagi special" which surely give the much needed exposure and appreciation that this variety has due it.

              I hope that you all enjoy and learn from this newest issue, and that Dick and co. can lead some thought-provoking threads on asagi and the articles in issue #8.
              Brian Sousa
              Koi-Bito Forum


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                Fantastic! Hope it's enough to keep Dick occupied for 24 hours.


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                  Hi Dick. You should know that your favorite 30" girl Minnow will be going on a long trip to the Orlando show next March. Savannah, Roark and I are hatching a plan to take the fish trailer. Most of my (two) gosanke show females are in gawky adolescence stage right now and I have some show males but the only big girls I have locked and loaded are KiKo and Minnow, so off they will go. Savannah has a 36" asagi in her pond that she raised herself that would make you faint and fall in, but Savannah refuses to take her her "pets" to a show. How are the blueberry farm pickings?


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                    It's really good to hear from all of you!

                    I am looking forward to #8 and you can bet I'll have a chat thread about it!

                    SMG I'll be real anxious to hear how minnow travels and how (she) you did!

                    I didn't know Savannah had an asagi, let alone that BIG! Any chance of getting a picture posted of it? I think it was about this time last year when she brought tears to my eyes with her generosity. Remember what she did? a very special person!
                    Dick Benbow


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                      SMG: Welcome to Orlando!! This will be a great treat to see the famous Minnow in person. Based on what I've been hearing, the show is going to be better than ever. Some truly nice koi are scheduled to be shown. Now we have to encourage Asagi in Florida in March .. just so you get a bit of competition!


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                        Tony Prew!

                        What a nice surprise to see Tony's post. I met Tony many years ago in oregon at the forestry center for their early koi shows of Northwest Koi clubs. Even back then he had a great relationship with the Konishi Brothers!

                        I'll look forward to seeing any pics you can find. also if you know any way that I could email their english speaking MGR to ask specific questions.

                        I remember the Asagi Mark George used to get in from Mr Konishi. There's an old asagi male still living not to far from me that was purchased by a Boeing Engineer in Kent that went on a trip to japan and brought it home from mr konishi as a tosai.
                        Dick Benbow


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                          Yes Dick, I now recall what Savannah did last year. Very generous of her. Thanks for the reminder in this Thanksgiving season.

                          How about a couple of pix of my Little Asagi? (That's its name too. Not very creative, eh? Had a bigger one that I grew from tosai but this little guy (also grown from tosai) looked too good and made the big one look bad so I auctioned off the big one).

                          Putting together this photo history I'm surprised at how the beni has stayed in the same place while the sumi has thickened up.

                          What do you think, Dick?
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                            11/2004 pic, I like Thank you Jason, nice timeline. I've never seen young asagi here that looked even similar the first photo.... interesting. I like the beni rap.

                            So much to learn,... Terri
                            Backyard Puddle


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                              Very lovely Asagi, Jason. See why we should pick the pale babies? it took me years to learn that, like an idiot.

                              Here is a silly fun thing. Any Asagi lover who has any pumpkin pie left should take some with whipped cream out to the pond and look at their Asagi while eating it. The reticulation! The spiceyness! It is almost too much to stand!

                              Yes, bring out the Florida Asagis. Koi from Florida have such nice bodies,too.


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