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Koi and Shade?

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  • Koi and Shade?

    Need some advice on whether or not to provide maximum shade over parts of my planned pond. Due to county setback requirements, I will not be able to cover the entire pond. However in its current location (North side) of our house, 3/4 of the pond will remain in shade throughout the whole day (wintertime) and 1/2 of the pond will be in shade during summer months. The late afternoon sun will have a chance to enter the pond but incorporating the 6ft fence around the whole pond area (code requirement) will again provide a lot of protection from direct sunlight entering the pond. Do koi readily swim around the pond in shaded areas more? Do they collectively avoid bright sunlit areas in the pond, if they know they have a good amount of protective shaded areas? Interested in all your insights.

    I live in Hawaii so I guess sunshine is part of the norm over here. It is actually rainy season now, but today is absolutely...well I'll let you guys guess. Sorry if there are some of you on the upper east coast region. At least you all have white Christmas's.
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    My guess is that in a climate like yours you will be able to get away with having plenty of shade. I'd try working with what you you have to work with at the moment but make contingencies to expand shade cover if needed.

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      A thoughtful koi keeper provides the opportunity for their charges to seek what they need. To force a koi to be in all sunlight, or all shade, or no current ponds or all current ponds is to take the choice away. They will seek what they want if it's there. ( ever notice how there are time you like a quiet shaded place to rest
      and yet when your up to it , all the fun and sun you can get can be just what the doctor ordered. I have seen peoples pond where current and air domes charge the pond 24/7. i kinda feel sorry for the koi. i think a timer on some jets with an option to join in a current or relax in a quiet place is appreciated. Sounds like your pond does offer some shade, so i think your ok. One pond i remember seeing had gigantic koi that would stick their eyes in the shade of a lone pine tree's shade. the rest of their bodies would be in sun yet they sought the shade for their eyes. koi will tell you what they want if you have the eyes to see!
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        Thanks guys, great help as always. I can finally put this appropriate siting dilema of mind to rest. My final pond location and filter area IS SET. Now working to finalize actual pond size with filtration areas, "The main event". Filtration system will play a huge part now. Aloha.


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