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  • Comment on this Showa

    This is the first time I post on the Forum . I recently brought this 2 years old Marudo female showa . She is 19 inches . Please give me your opinion on the koi and if this koi have a future. Thanks.

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    Welcome.....Nice fish! I would definitely add this one to my collection. She has a nice Kohaku pattern with all three colors on her face as well Motoguro. Nice confirmation. Looks like a keeper in my opinion. I think this is a fish that will keep you smiling for quite some time.....P.S. would love to see some pictures of your "facilities". From the looks of this fish, I think you have more to share........


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      Nice fish, decent conformation with a relatively wide mouth/head it should have some potential for growth. The head looks a little yellow, but perhaphs that is just because she is recently out of the mud. She has a good motogoro, and a nicly balanced pattern. I can't commen't on the beni, sumi, sashi etc due to the photo, but it looks like a very promissing fish to enjoy.


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        Based on the rays (or spikes) at the pecs, the breeder thought this showa is close to her peak and culled acordingly. Mr. Marudo might be wrong! but the odds is in his favor for sure. If the showa is cheap cheap to gamble and to learn, why not? stevec


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          great fish,

          id take a chance on its future as well as enjoying it now.


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            Very nice fish! I'd like to have more sumi on her face... manware?


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