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  • back from japan

    well its been over 2 weeks know since we got back sorry for not posting sooner had a virus on the pc than the boiler packed up than the theromstate just have not had time.
    we had a great trip started at isawa, sukuma, and maruyama were both great loads of good koi . ogawa was a waste of time but you live and learn went to hiroshima next again very good as was a breeder in kyoto we than headed to niigata for 3 days the devestation from the earth quake was there to be seen many roads gone as was houses and mud ponds we did manage to visit around 10 breeders the highlight for me was Isa incredable koi .
    I have done a diary with pics which can be found on my web site hope to post more pics when the time allows. please let me know what you think as its my first atempt.

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    Had fun looking at the pics. Thanx

    Nice shiro utsuri BTW
    Semper in excreta, sumus solum profundum variat


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      thanks scott looking forward to see how it developes hoping the pattern on the head mets might look finished but still some way to go.
      I have a showa coming from marudo I have not even seen yet will post a pic when I get it.



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