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  • hi

    i just wanted to say hi and to say that i think my report on koi is doing good

    but i have 5 pages of writting and i need 1 more page. i talked about the

    history, a little pit of aquaculture, what kinds of ponds their are, how old they

    get how big they get. i even talked about what kind of plants you can put in the

    pond. i talked about they come in different colors too. also what food is good

    and what diseases they get. what else should i talk talk about. !!!
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    How about reporting about the Big Koi Shows in Japan or even Koi Shows in the US or BK. Talk about Koi Clubs in your area (if any). Show that koi is loved all over the world, and not just in Japan.


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      I think you should add how the pond maintanence is to be done, and all the uncertaincy on how a koi will develop overtime. All adds up to make large beautiful kois so hard to come by, and should enjoyed the same way picasso is enjoyed.



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        what about the most important thing water quality.



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          Absolutley, a good koi keeper is before that, first and foremost, a very good water quality keeper!

          "Gentlemen prefer ponds"


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            As a fish keeper all my life, I bred many fish in aquariums as a teen. discus, angels, killifish, orange chromides etc

            One big deal with koi we take forgranted and would be a great ending for your report is koi get along with other koi. drop another fish in a mixed aquarium and they chase and fight! Koi just seem to get along. What a wonderful insight this time of year as we think about peace on earth and goodwill towards men. If only
            men could learn from the koi, maybe that's why we're drawn to them!
            Dick Benbow


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              you for the ideas i like them alot i think i will us all of them infact


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                I saw the title and thought "Oh good, another in depth discussion of beni".

                Koiteen, you could mention that every koi is slightly different (like people) and the likelihood of any one fish becoming the All-Japan Grand Champion show koi is similar to the odds of winning the Miss World beauty pageant. But with koi, its all about the swim suit competition and talent counts for very little.



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                  how would somebody prepare for a koi show.?

                  what is it like at a koi show?

                  how are koi judged?


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                    Originally posted by koiteen
                    how would somebody prepare for a koi show.?

                    what is it like at a koi show?

                    how are koi judged?
                    1. All entries are not to be feed 1 or 2 weeks before the show. Reason being is that the water in the show vat must stay ask clean as possible. Fish will foul the water if they are feed up until a couple of days before the show. In this time of feeding the koi has time to relax and destress, meaning the colors will come up more and clean up. What we say "Show Ready".

                    2. Koi shows are pretty mellow, depending on who is out there. In this hobby someone would be lieing to you if they said they were doin this for fun, but there are hobbyist out there that do it for fun. Me myself, I do it for fun...yeah right!!!!

                    3.Koi are judged on 4 basic things. (A) Conformation (B) Skin Quality (C) Pattern (D) Varities. It also depends on the judges individual tastes too.
                    The world sleeps as the chance to learn something new passes.


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                      Originally posted by aquitori
                      3.Koi are judged on 4 basic things. (A) Conformation (B) Skin Quality (C) Pattern

                      (D) Varities. It also depends on the judges individual tastes too.

                      can some somebody explain more about the 4 basic things koi are judged on.


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                        conformation can best be discribed as body shape. like dogs,cats or horses in a show judges are looking for a certain look representative of the breed.

                        skin quality is a little more subtle and complex but amounts to the health of the skin, it's sheen which shows off the colors to their best effect.

                        The different color varieties have a standard that the judges go by, These patterns must meet or exceed standards. Colors should be "finished "meaning
                        that the forward and rear edges of a color are complete not shaded as they meet another color.For example in a red and white koi the edges of the red should not be pink as it enter a white field. (kiwa or sashi) needs to look like it was cut out by a razor as the 2 different color edges meet.

                        There are a dozen basic standard classifications that most koi color varieties fall into. The 13th class is the catch all class and is a difficult class to win in because of the numbers and wide variance among the competitors. The Grand champ is usually selected from the kohaku,sanke or showa classification with an occassional shiro utsuri as a possibility.

                        It was hard to try and simplify this complex subject but hopefully this will help a little bit!
                        Dick Benbow


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