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Anyone build a seive system?

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  • Anyone build a seive system?

    Has anyone built or retrofitted their own micro seive system. I keep looking at the build and engineering of these things, and I just don't get it. I understand that they are engineered for flow rates and what ever else, but just wondering why they costs that much? Seems elementary, but I'm sure their must be a reason for the near $1000 price tags.
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    My Bad...

    Sorry, doing more research on these bad boyz got me with my hands in the air...ok ok I give up.

    Anyone have one of these babies installed? The EstroSieve. Made in the Netherlands.

    Thinking outloud...Could you use one of these sieves in place of a vortex? My guess is that it would probably get clogged with dootz and stuff which would significantly slowdown flow rates...Any insights?


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      Akai san:

      Not sure if bil in the UK is on this board, if he isn't, go to the NI board and pose your question re: a DIY screen/sieve filter... He developed the plans for one...

      Aloha! Mike


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