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  • Where's Dick??

    Calling Dick Benbow - I note you haven't yet registered for the new board, where are ya?

    Mark Gardner
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    Where is Dick? I'm starting to miss him! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

    Dick, are you around?
    Brian Sousa
    Koi-Bito Forum


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      Dick: Asagi!

      Does this work? :lol:

      Thai Koi-Keepers' Group


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        you don't know dick?


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          Come out Dick wherever you are......

          Mark Gardner


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            If you can't catch Dick Benlow with those pictures you posted then he must be asleep! LOL

            Jeff R.

            p.s. - try posting a Satsuki Azalea picture.


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              Here Dicky, Dicky......

              Mark Gardner


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                Dick wrote -

                "every time i click on the forum, i have every day, it says the page cannot be shown?

                thanks for the heads up, i'd love to be on the board, i miss it!


                Wonder what the deal is. Maybe Brian has an idea.


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                  Tell him to click on the link to the Forum on the side of the page. The one on the page itself doesn't work.


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                    Thanks, done. Let's see if he shows up.


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                      thanks guys! your the best!

                      When i typed in, it came right up. so then it takes the computer illiterate 20 mins to get registered and figure out how to get a word down on this new fangled thang! But i have arrived, thank you for all the attention and encouragement. i was really jazzed to read my hero is in koi bito 6 and i hope the pearl or reverse asagi's are pictured! I have spent the last week trying to get all the pics and info

                      I need to get a grasp on the bakki shower filter system. by present system is awesome so I'm real excited to add a tower and see what change will come about. anybody got some pics or input to add to my knowledge? I understand my source here in the USA is suppose to have the towers and media in around the first of the year!

                      Thanks alot guys! your the best!
                      Dick Benbow


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                        Hi Dick!

                        Hate to disappoint, but the interview is with Mr. Otsuka the hobbyists and not the breeder.

                        :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
                        Brian Sousa
                        Koi-Bito Forum


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                          Don't let this go to your head, but I doubt i would be disappointed in any article your wrote for the magazine. I always learn something worthwhile.

                          I would like to put a plug in for an asagi breeder in the near future. There is so much to learn about this first member of the koi clan. i know if you write it, it'll be worth waiting For!

                          gee, i think i'm getting the hang of this new board!
                          Dick Benbow


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                            I too would like to see some interviews with experienced asagi breeders, half my pond is asagi now, and I am trying my best to see if the ones i pick young will grow into beauties.

                            Not only would i like to learn about how to pick, breed and cull asagi, ... I am really interested in how often the are still used to cross-breed and produce other varieties of koi. Is this something many breeders still practice, or have koromo, goshiki and such varieties now been bred into such quality lines that they are mostly bred form the same types?

                            p.s. Dick, did you ever get that reverse-scale asagi?


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                              If we start posting asagi pics, please start a new thread with asagi in the title. ... Going to take a while to get used to having everything compartmentalized like this.


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