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  • Bacteria House Media Retrofit

    Since Bacteria House Media (BHM) is so great as a filter media. Has anyone incorporated into their existing systems? How does it compare to the Kaldness media? Interested to know if there are any significant differences besides the weight. Does the BHM need to be cleaned to prevent clogging? Thanks.
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    BMH, doesn't have to be cleaned from what Mr. Maeda said. No need to rinse the media or mix up the media and even replacing the media....Kinda interesting..
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      here's my take on it for what it's worth. I run BH with my J-mat to round out my system. I believe in a trickle system type of filter that degasses and aeriates.
      I have had such good luck with j-mat in an up flow vortex that i refuse to give up on it. Before BH I ran bio balls in a trickle tower with j-mat and had good luck. I like to put my eggs in more than one basket and i like the BH style for what else it adds beside Bio.
      Dick Benbow


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        what else does BH add besides bio?

        I would imagine it is as good as your bio-balls trickle down towers?


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          BH is a media. It houses Bacteria. Same as Bio balls or others. I feel strongly that the process of exposing the bacteria to food and air thru a modern flow/trickle application is the trick that helps make aireation and degassing a reall bonus for this method. Many havespoken to other qualities inherent in the media which I cannot address with my knowledge. I'm not as much into theory as results from application. That's why I use it. I'm also contemplating because of maurice's comments to go back to k-i in addition to Bh and Jap mat.
          Dick Benbow


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