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  • Anchor Worms

    This year I got 4 two year olds from Japan. Three of the four koi had anchor worm damage to them. Nothing to worry about since it was so minor. But I do have a few questions.

    1. Do most of the mud ponds have this problem?

    2. I have the chance to put 5 koi into a mud pond here in the US. This guy just put in two new mud ponds that are about 50,000 gallons each. His other three mud ponds have been running for years. Ever year he does have some problems with anchor works. Not major problems, but some of the koi do come out with anchor worm damage to them. My question is how do the ponds get the anchor worms in them. When he first started out, all of the koi were QT and treated with dimilin before going into the mud ponds. After the first year anchor worms showed up in the mud ponds. How do they get in the pond? Could it be from bird? He doesn't have problems with frogs or any other things. From time to time he will see raccoons by the edge of the ponds. But he does get a lot of birds in and around the ponds.

    3. Last question is how long does dimilin take to kill anchor worms? I have heard three or four days. Does this sound right? Will that also kill any eggs? I know the eggs of the anchor worms are hooked to the females. So if the female anchor dies does this kill all the eggs?

    Sorry for all the questions, but I'm just trying to learn a little more about anchor worms.


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    Hey Tom! Merry Christmas!

    Anchor worms are kinda like fleas to a dog. There is a season and you get em.
    Dimilin is an effective treatment and doesn't have such a narrow application that you toy with the koi's health if you apply wrong.

    Unless the infestation is really unusually strong, the few that attach themselves are usually easily forgotton as the koi heals. I'm not so sure I'd be too concerned.

    The positive affects of a growth pond on the koi is well worth the minimum risk of proglems associated with Anchor worm. I think I'd be more worried about Blue heron!

    If the guy your talking about who just dug two new ponds is the same guy that i think it is, be aware that my dream asagi is going out there this summer
    to grow on with him.

    On this side of the continent i battle with flukes within 6 weeks after i slip the koi outside in the spring. I can count on it. Fortunately there is a sheep dip medicine that i use that makes them go away before they do any damage

    The decision is yours. If it makes you too anxious then don't do it. After over 25 years of this cracy hobby, I'm not going to worry about it. I only cross bridges when I get there, not before!
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