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issue 8 is great!

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  • issue 8 is great!

    I couldn't believe I actually found the magazine in the post today. Sat down for an hr and a half and slowly read the asagi stuff for shear enjoyment. I will go back to it night after night disecting every word and comprehending everything that was said.Atleast till I have it committed to memory.

    I thought the articles were well written and my hat is off to the author and the publisher who would give this kind of coverage to what is considerd by many as something of lesser interest.Brian, I can't thank you enough! I have always recommended this magazine at my seminars and that won't change but it might be a bit more passionate next time!

    I'll look forward to the comments from both asagi lovers, haters and in between
    on what you thought.

    Thanks to Mike S for his excellent article on water and what it takes to get growth like japan's mudponds in the heart of the UK.
    Dick Benbow
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    Still waiting
    Tone - Truls -Petter
    Vogata NI


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      Me too!!

      Looking forward to my first ever read of Koi-Bito. I am hoping that it will contain all the breeder and Koi variety info over future issues that i like reading.

      Not sure yet but i may end up back ordering some issues.



      "The target is within"


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        Great, Koi Bito starts arriving in the UK (but not mine) the day before I'm about to fly to Momotaro for a week and in desperate need of reading material for the arduous journey!

        Life's so cruel!
        Mark Gardner


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          I've got a copy of "The DIY Canon camera repair manual" if you want to take that? ;-)

          "Gentlemen prefer ponds"


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            Dear Greg

            We did and no regrets!! (Better hurry there is seldom 2. printing off magazines)

            There are articles in all the Issues so far are worth the whole magazine alone, as you can understand this is not related to the one I’m currently waiting for.
            Tone - Truls -Petter
            Vogata NI


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              No mail todayyy...

              Thai Koi-Keepers' Group


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                Nor me, I'm usually lucky and get one of the first, but not this time!
                Regards, Bob
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                <º}}}}>< <º}}}}><


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                  WHOOPEEEE! I received in the mail yesterday afternoon. Guess I'll be even busier this weekend. Being in Hawaii, I figured we would be one of the last to receive...Thank you Brian, Thank you USPostal.


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                    Hey Dick, one quick question...What got you interested in Asagi in the first place? I still have my Asagi that has been through everything with my pond and it is about 6 years old now and about 23"...I was just curious what made your hobby come full circle to Asagi...
                    The world sleeps as the chance to learn something new passes.


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                      I've been in the hobby a very long time. I've had just about every color variety there is. During that time I never saw many asagi's let alone good ones and i became interested. the harder I looked for information the more difficult it became. I quess it raised my interest....and I have to be honest. I find them
                      extremely attractive. I love the blue! The fukerin fascinated me as i had just finished up a 10 year study on matsunosuke sanke and kohaku. here was a beautiful koi, with fukerin that started the whole thing! I wanted to know more about it.

                      the KB article filled in alot of blanks. there are still some left open. I felt fantastic after I read hosokai breeds his koi from a konjo and narumi. Same thing I did last year! altho I'm finding my babies are 75% narumi and 25 % kunjo which is opposite of him.

                      In the article on mr hosokai the koi he attributed to being his best work #8, I wouldn't have in my pond! Seriously, I like the looks of #1 and #15. I think too much red is garish! So you can see as with any color varieties there are different tastes for patterns. Besides on body shapes, they hold their's so much better than most other color varieties. They are as wild as a koi can get yet, a missing scales is a huge deduct in the shows. in the article the author mentioned again that koi mixed together don't do well. and that only a few should be kept in a pond. i have three of them now. Something i learned in japan, less is more. especially if it's the very best of what it is. I'm rambling but I just love asagi. Narumi is my favorite but Iwashita's gin rin and otsuka's reverse are very imposing.

                      day before yesterday I got an email from fujio Oomo wishing me sucess in growing my asagi to over 80 cms....Good Lord I don't know that I could handle one that size. last time I had a hosokai, in the fall when it was time to collect my koi and bring them in, he was always the last one to net because he was wild! He would run to the opposite end of the pond and when I glided the net anywhere near him he would literally ROCKET out and jump 3 feet out of the water and 4 foot over the net, and scare me to death! He was 24 inches!

                      My sweetie now is just that size 24-25 and is from magoi bloodline. I think I may be in trouble! My third one is 17 1/2 as a two year old and goes into the
                      growth pond this spring probably close to 19. I anticipate she will be close to 26 at the end of the season. I will have her wintered there and shipped home in the spring and I'm betting she is gonna be 28 inches! I'm in trouble!

                      more ramblings later...
                      Dick Benbow


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                        You are following a tradition of sorts, Dick:

                        "It is said that the greatest enjoyment to the aged koi lovers is to keep several decent Asagi only in their ponds after the period they have ... kept Gosanke...."

                        ---Takeo Kuroki, Rinko (August 1989)

                        Still looking forward to my copy.


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                          Got ours yesterday. I can see why Dick turned blue with delight.

                          Another excellent issue....

                          Koi keeping is not a belief system; it is applied science with a touch of artistry.


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                            Dr Kuroki was a great human being. I have a letter he wrote me once, that means alot to me to have his best wishes and signiture. His narumi from the shows was always my favorite asagi. Over 80 cm and marvelous body. Kato-san's is close but the red is too scattered for my tastes but when you consider how big and old this koi is it easy to see why the judges would look past these indiscrepancies.

                            I was kinda surprised no one said anything about my crass statement of photo #8 in the article. But after everything is said and done beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

                            I found it interesting the paralle between asagi and showa. It is really true. the nicest showa I ever selected as tosai to turn out motoguro had a round B-B sized circle close in the arm pit. It later expanded and became wonderfull at the age of three. With asagi's I always go with the tight motoaka.

                            Well after two days and night of intense reading of the hosokai article, I have it down as to understanding. Something I had read over several times before became enlightened in the third reading. It was something Konishi-san taught me almost two decades ago with his asagi. look for the white streak down the belly with red on the sides not red thruout. I'd forgotten that. was good to be reminded.

                            another thing i like about asagi's that makes them an absolute outcast to western tastes is that it takes 4-5 years to really know what your getting. Most keepers outside of Japan do not have that kind of patience. I think that's why I always liked showa. 8 years there. My igarashi kazuto kindai will be 6 this spring in may. her black is about half finished. Most visitors don't like her
                            because they don't understand. I bought her as nisai and have enjoyed her steady albeit slow progress. She is the one pictured with my posting. My last gosanke.Some day when she is finished i will find her a proper home. The only non asagi I will be keeping is my grandmother koi. Ake mae Kigoi. I had her for 25 years and she was 6 or 7 when i got her. She has been thru it all and never complained at all my stupidity and learning curve. i want to keep her for as long as i can.

                            still encourage others to talk about this article or ask questions. I know for some it will be difficult because the author uses japanese terms. Please learn them as it will help you to grow and learn in the hobby.

                            more later
                            Dick Benbow


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                              Got mine this afternoon. Haven't got time to read yet so just browse through. Could tell that the articles on asagi must be very informative especially to hobbyist like me that know nuts about asagi except that it is one of the ancestors of today koi.
                              Thanks Brian.



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