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  • Koi DVD

    So cool!! This is for me. A koi dvd every other month about products,koi, breeders and more. Brady, you done good! Check it out.
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    My Bro.. often imitated NEVER duplicated


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      Is this the replacement for magazines? Will peope be choosing between DVD's and magazines? Is it proper placing the name of a possible competitor on this site?
      Semper in excreta, sumus solum profundum variat


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        Interesting question. In the future print material will likely become obsolete simply due to the production/distribution cost. Internet downloads onto DVD, or something similar, will likely come to the fore. Old guys like me, however, will always prefer print. I subscribe to the electronic Rinko and enjoy it, but not nearly as much as a print mag. Pixels get in the way when studying a photo, and the photos are what makes Rinko worthwhile these days. A DVD product may well be superior entertainment, but can one study it the same way? I often re-read a paragraph many times to understand the intent. It is not so convenient to reverse and replay to listen to a statement. At the same time, some things are far more readily learned from video and some things have no words to describe them adequately, but moving photography can do it. ... Now, when I get the DVD, will I be able to watch without interruption? Or, will I be hearing, "Are you going to be looking at fish all night ... again?"


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          I have subscribed to all of the koi magazines at one time or another for decades here in the US,UK and Japan. My foundation has long been established and I wish to get as much top current information from the souce as possible. The only magazine I get now is KB. Those from America didn't have what i was looking for content wise. The Brits were better advanced than those in the U.S. but not the Japanese content I desired. and the magazines from Japan of english version were pablum to the meal served in the sister japanese lanquage publications. the translations were also difficult at best. I think's Brian's command of both English and Japanese puts his magazine in an enviable position. His friendship with momotaro gives him access to the leading edge of what's happening from water treatment to jumbo gosanke.

          I'm sure there is a market for other information sources, electronic or print. I wish others in their endeavor the best of luck!
          But as for me, I like this publication. I just wish it could come out monthly.

          Eventually all roads lead back to japan, and since KB is on that road already, I'll just stay where i am.
          Dick Benbow


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            Originally posted by B.Scott
            Is this the replacement for magazines? Will peope be choosing between DVD's and magazines? Is it proper placing the name of a possible competitor on this site?
            Good question Scott, for which I don't have an answer. It is indeed much cheaper to produce a DVD rather than a print magazine, in both the production and mailing costs. Much less than half, even less if the mailing costs aren't international. I guess we'll have to see what people prefer.
            Brian Sousa
            Koi-Bito Forum

            Miyabi Koi Farm[/B]


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              Dear Brian

              Koi-Bito I hope this just boost and accelerate the possibility to get fresh DVD out off Japan in Koi-Bito format and English text for us non Japanese. If they fall under subscription or come out off your web shop I will bee waiting any way!
              Tone - Truls -Petter
              Vogata NI


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