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  • a reason or just sods law

    Today I was measuring some koi to check for growth and weight so I could up date the quantity of food to give them, and two koi stood out. The reason why is because these two koi are shusui's from Marudo both 10 inches long last june when they were brought, they are from the same spawning been raised up together. And over the last 7 months been grown in the same pond, with same treatment and yet growth is dramaticaly different koi (1) was 10 inches weight unknown now 14 inch and 1 pound in weight. (koi 2)10 inches weight unkown. now 17 1/2 inches 2 1/2 pound in weight. With the koi sharing the same genetics, do you think this is just one of those unusual koi myths that we will nether really have a answer for.
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    Could well be due to the sex of the fish as well. If one is male one the other female they will develop quite differently.
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      Good point, B. Scott ! Ya know a picture might help us decide! besides i like shusui and would like to see them. I've got my eyes on the lookout for a pearle shusui. They have an edge of their douitsu scales in silver.
      Dick Benbow


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        Now, "from the same spawning" you mean it was a SINGLE PAIR of koi? A "Spawning" is in no shape form or fashion a "pairing" when considering the common source of genes.

        Even if it were a single pairing, "varieties" of koi don't breed true along the lines of shape, color, and finnage. The variation in koi broods may be impossible to selectively breed out of the fish. The anomalies are there because the carp thows a huge number of offspring. Only a few need to survive to continue the species, So it would suit the species to have a high degree of variability of every kind. From finnage, to coloration, to body shape, to GROWTH RATES; each will perhaps make certain offspring survive in an adjusting enviroment, while some will cause the quick demise.
        And that is my insight into why koi are so different within the same PAIRINGS. Koi breeder have been able to bring mutations and variations out of the genetic jumble, but they haven't the resources to restructure the fish at that base a level. The mechanism controlling the variation of offspring is probably entertwined with the same mechanism that creates the vast number of offspring.

        So there's two things to think about.... one the verbage used to describe the genetic sources and the other the complex evolution of the variation within a fish that creates large number of offspring so they can afford to throw a vast array of genetic offspring because only a few need to survive to sexual maturity...but I ain't had no formal training in the makes good sense though don't it?


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