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  • Launch of Koi-Bito Magazine Online - Your Thoughts...


    We've just finished some initial technology tests pertaining to access control and payment, and have 1 more to go before we make a final decision.

    I've heard from many folks that they have tight budgets and that restructing, layoffs, corporate bankruptcies have really put a crimp in their koi lives. I realize that money is tight for a lot of people, and don't want to deny them the opportunity to learn from Koi-Bito due to circumstances that are sometimes beyond their control.

    In addition to that, we know that there may be times that you would like to read an article online when reading a print magazine might not be practical (like when you're in the office ) or acceptable. There may also be times when you're online or chatting with a friend in which you'd like to reference one of our articles.

    For the above reasons, we're considering producing an online version of Koi-Bito, that will be slightly different than the print version. First of all, the online version will be published on an article-by-article basis, and not as a full magazine. You will see which print issue the article originated from, but articles will be published individually on a regular basis, and not as a series of articles which you would find in the print version. What this means is that we may publish single articles from the magazine online on a time scale, rather than the whole contents of a print issue all at once. This breaks the pace up a bit, and doesn't hold us to the original publishing order that was in the print version of the magazine. We will publish online articles from the print magazine on a loose schedule, and in the order that we see fit.

    One caveat is that we will not publish the newest articles from the print version of the magazine within 6 months of their original publish date. We will always be comitted to the print version of the magazine, and want both reward and maintain our reader base for the print version.

    There may be some extras offered in our online version such as video clips and an extensive photo library that aren't offered currently on the Koi-Bito Website. We still have a lot of tech work to sort out, so these things may not be in the immediate future.

    We're targeting a sign-up price of $30 US which gives you access to the system for 1 calendar year. Current subscribers will receive a very substantial discount if they wish to also participate in the online version, but we've not decided a price for that yet. We may also offer affiliate discounts, but have not made any firm decisions on that yet either.

    We'd like to hear your thoughts on an online version to compliment what we currently offer in print format. Let me state hear and now that this is not a replacement for the print version of the magazine, but rather an additional choice available to serve our growing subscriber community.
    Brian Sousa
    Koi-Bito Forum
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    Wow! That's a lot to consider. I had to re-read the contents to make sure I understood what was said in all of it's scope.

    First and foremost, it pleases me that KB would not stay static but rather would add some new approach to contribute to providing a venue to the vast amount of knowledge "out there".

    I for one have always wanted more issues of the magazine, so I believe this new
    service could provide that nitch. One of the things I think would contribute greatly with the original concept is an opportunity for subscribers to communicate with the author on something and get the info included in a follow up, on line article. For example, Hosokai used to have silver fukerin Asagi's from his original parents from 1978. No mention was made of whether he still gets them in his current pairing.Also i just learned from a dealer that he has acess to a breeder of Ki-asagi's. Gee, I didn't know they still existed .

    Many moons ago I used to subscribe to Rinko before it went completely on line. I still liked getting a magazine so I dropped it. I think this gives me an opportunity to get both. Plus I see a tremendous value in something that does not have publishing deadlines and can respond to actual news events that by the time the magazine came out it would be relatively old news. The
    earthquake would be an example or a major show

    I like the possibilities. Cast my vote as encouraging for......
    Dick Benbow


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      I'm all in favor of "MORE". .... as long as not undermining the subscriber support needed to keep the magazine going. Having the previously printed articles available on-line would be an asset. The photo spreads, however, are problematical. I very much enjoy them in print form. On-line viewing wears on the eyes. The "secure" pdf format used by Rinko is a hassle to store and re-access, especially without an index to use to identify which numbered issue is the one with the information I'd like to locate. As a result, I'm storing all the electronic Rinkos, but do not re-access anymore. The more that are stored, the harder it is to use. If the articles are delivered in that format, I might well subscribe for a year to check it out, but I'd not likely re-new unless there were a goodly number of articles not previously published.

      I am not through the latest K-B issue, in part because I keep making the "mistake" of looking at the show photos and suddenly it is time to do something and I've still not finished the tosai selection article ... such concentrated information to parse.


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        I love the magazine and enjoy reading magazines at my leisure, many of the in-depth articles over and over again. I dont find it easy to read on-line and generally print of large bits of info to read in a comfortable chair, with a glass!

        Obviously I'd be interested in 'additional' information such as the Video clips and would welcome being able to see those. It would be more cost for those of us who do subscribe to the magazine though, so you may find some who wont subscribe to both.
        Regards, Bob
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          I'm in as well. As much as I would just love a subscription to KB,it is slightly beyond my means at this point ie it would meant giving something else up. An online vertion would suit me just fine.
          I would like very much to see it become an extention of the magazine instead of a delayed on-line version. Possiblities would be detailed follow-ups on specific aspects of articals already done.
          How about a page or addy where subscribers could request extra details ofpose questions that could be included in follow-up articals?
          Semper in excreta, sumus solum profundum variat


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            The ability to access the articles online is very attractive even if one has the printed copy. My vote goes to a searchable PDF version. There are several options in PDF to protect the contents. Subscribers could also download and print the article if they wished.

            It is still copyright material just like the magazine is. Of course one could show a copy to a friend but that is also true with the magazine. This goes in your favor I think, since more people will want more online access or even a magazine subscription.


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              I'm All In!

              I am all for MORE information. Being very new to the hobby, obviously I will always have a lot of questions for EVERYTHING! Hmmmmmmmm. I'm thinking that this online version of Koi Bito could be very useful and possibly profitable for Koi Bito. Maybe not for the initial online subscriptions, but for the advertisements online marketing has to offer. For the printed issue, I am very happy that there is very limited space used for advertisements UNLIKE other KOI Magzines I know. Being a business, I know this must be very hard to do on a consistent basis. I think looking at an online version will open doors for the magazine in the respect of getting more advertisement revenues. The online version should not keep the same format as the printed issue. It should offer MORE! More in the respect that IT WILL bridge the gap between the breeders, the hobbiest, the vendors, the dealers, etc. Look at all of us now...WE'RE ONLINE!

              Just thinking outloud, the concept of the online version should contain the delayed issue articles (to keep print customers) but there may be other articles that might not make the cut for the print issue, they could be included on a more timely basis to online accounts.

              But more importantly, I think that Koi Bito could use the online experience to capture the essense of Japanese Nishikigoi. I guess like Mr. Waddington attempts to do with his print work. Just that online...ITS LIVE. Possibilities are endless, the hardpart is deciding what do hobbiest want to see, or better yet NEED TO SEE or need to interact with. This could be just one avenue that leads hobbiest to a one-stop-shop for experiencing Japanese Nishikigoi first hand while even making it reality. Nuff hype, let me think about this for a day and I'll be back with more suggestions on what I would like or should I say "need" to see. This is fun. Aloha...


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                I'm in for sure.


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                  From the stoneage or Norway?

                  Really a though one Brian, not to get medieval one everybody the answer should bee yes?

                  I’m not that sure, for my own sake I’m on a computer all-day and sometime long past midnight I’m rather feed up with screens after this so for older issues I for one will pas. Not on account of the cost but just not to be tempted to read more on this d…. screen. In fact Nishikigoi is my blessing away from machinery of all kinds. After 8-16 hours on the alert it’s wonderful with one or more body parts in water with known friends gracefully cruising around and grating me home.

                  If the articles in this format was as supported by live film or an abundance of photographic material to support the article it’s starting to taste off something. Add a drop of extra text or sound to the material and something is coking. As I stated before with your location you should offer DVD’s as follow-ups to your superb articles. I would love a trip for us all to known breeders and famous persons in the homeland of Nishikigoi. It would bee like several trips a year to paradise. Made as an extension off articles in one (perhaps two or three issues). I would subscribe, put out one your web shop and I would by it.

                  All good wishes to you what ever the format of your new endeavour takes one. Some you get others need a different soul food, those you may get another day if you never stop trying. It will never be possible to take away your location and relationship with the real thing and the decades off knowledge that comes with the territory.
                  Tone - Truls -Petter
                  Vogata NI


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                    The future is here!!!!

                    Sounds cool, I think it's time to have a web-base version of the magazine. At least you can add video streaming in association with articles. There are so much you can do now this would take your magazine to another level. That would be the ultimate!!! I am down....This venture would be good since 95% of your reader base on Broadband or DSL....
                    The world sleeps as the chance to learn something new passes.


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                      Well i just love the mag and like to sit down and chill out with a cool beer as i flick back and forth.I usaly flick through to see what takes my eye first but then return many times to the more in depth articals.

                      I would most probably give the on-line one a go but i too spend tooooo much time in front of a PC as i am always on line looking in and out of forums whilst working LOL




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                        I am in.

                        Especially like Akai-san's suggestions.

                        Thai Koi-Keepers' Group


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                          I would be interested in this format. It is affordable for me right now and in the near future where as the magazine will not be for at least 8 years (trying to pay off the mortage as well as support our koi hobby). Count me in.



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                            I ain't in love with could happen. I do want the knowledge that you are gathering, and $30 US sounds like a deal.


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                              If you create an archive of all the articles with a search engine, it will be well worth the estimated $30.00...

                              If you want to see a really first class site, go to:

                              For anyone interested in Japanese Ceramics, this is the site...lists all the artists, kiln sites both current and old and explains all the aspects of Yakimono...Archive of articles is huge...If you replicate this site, you'd have a winner... The owner, Bob Yellin lives in Japan so you could probably discuss the mechanics with him...If you speak to him, please give him my regards...
                              Aloha! Mike


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