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Non-Tuberculus Mycobacteria Infection

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  • Non-Tuberculus Mycobacteria Infection

    What do Thombl, posted regularly in NI website, and some 40 plus women in the Bay area have in common? They all got nasty mycobacteria infection that required MONTHS of antibiotics treatment. Some of those poor women got up 6 months of antibiotics treatments. Their multiple mysterious boils and skin ulcers then now change to deep scars.
    Scary stuff!
    Thombl is an EXTRAordinary koi keeper but always claimed hiself as an ordinary simple one. And he got hand infection by touching pond water with the hand with a cut. The other women got the infection from the pedicure footbath.
    The bacteria often turn up in water supplies at the very low level to induce an infection outbreak. However in an organic rich water body like our ponds and footbath, the microbe can multiply, particularly in a high heat environment like the pedicure footbaths.
    If you use a heated pedicure footbath/massage make sure to design is simple for complete clean and dry between usages. If you are koi keepers, like a bunch of us here, using gloves to handle fish and pond water at least during the hot summer season makes great sense. Donald
    ps. btw do you have a cat and have rough play with the cat?
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    Interesting post. I could name names and curl hairs but i won't. Bottom line is

    you do need to be careful in koi water for the transmission of lots of things.

    One dealer I know has since i've known him sprayed his hands with rubbing alcohol after each time he handles a koi and uses a paper towel to dry his hands.

    An un named breeder when he was a child used to wade mudponds without
    waders. that as far as i'm allowed to go.....

    another unnamed breeder shunned expensive meters and developed a skill of telling you what % of salt was in the pond water from tasting, that's as much as I can say

    if you are diabetic and test your blood for sugar by "sticking" your fingers quess what?

    had a guy from work receive a nasty bite from his pet iguana right on the upper lip. A known salmenella carrier. I asked him what he put on it and was told nothing.....quess who kept licking his lip caused it bothered him?

    please begin to take some of this stuff serious as it can be! Nuff said.....
    Dick Benbow


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      I use gloves and do not swim with our fish


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        If you're the man you can drink pond water. I think I saw a picture or two of Peter drinking pond water. I guess I'm a boy, because I would never drink it. I have heard of a few people that have had major problems from drinking pond water.


        Keep it simple, keep it straight


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          To complete the story, earlier this week the Skin & Hair salon's insurance company has settled $3M to the mishap 40 women in Salinas, California. Talking about think twice before have your feet and toes a treat!
          I have a cat and always playing rough with her! of which induced cuts and scratches on both of my hands. Since reading Thombl's warning some months ago ... the rough play is now a practice of the past!

          Ruth, do you know a Texan hobbyist who swim, au naturel, with the koi? Donald


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            I had an infection when my left foot which had two small cuts was exposed to the pond water, this happened when I was cleaning my settlement chamber.

            Now, I am wearing eye-goggles, rubber boots, and rubber gloves whenever I work on my pond.

            Thai Koi-Keepers' Group


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              When I was a kid, we swam in rivers, lakes, whatever. I use to swim in my pond quite regularly, that is until I got my new microscope. Scraped some gunk off the waterfall and took a looksee. Now I only get in if aboslutly necessary, and always to a hot soapy bath afterward.

              Ever wonder why your skin itches after messing around with some plants in the stream ? Just look under the microscope and you'll find out....


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                Ratios and percentages,...

                I go swimming bare-arse nude in my mud ponds, in my filtered holding ponds, I handle Koi every day, sometimes all day,... go snorkeling in lakes, oceans and rivers,... and have done all of my life, and can't report anything but positive enjoyable stuff. I do realize that a Meteor could drop from the sky and hit me on the head at any second though,... as could a billion other ailments.

                I can't wait till Summer!

                Best Wishes,


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                  Sounds like I ought to be dead our something, some of the muck I've been in.

                  Cleanest thing I've got at the moment to wash my hands before I eat my lunch is mud pond water.

                  Perhaps it's the old adage of people not being as healthy nowadays because kids are not allowed to play in the garden and get dirty, because their bodies have never come into contact with many strains of bacteria they are not able to fight infections.

                  I was brought up in the garden, needed scrubbing down every night before bed!

                  Sepect I'll die of something else, but if not I died enjoying myself.




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                    Several (many) months ago there was a thread on NI that discussed fish to human transmission of disease. It was title Zoonotic Disease and Man. The entire thread is fairly long but if anyone would like a copy I would be happy to email it to you. Interesting information. Several diseases were discussed. There was a mycobacterium that affect mainly the hands, several systemic illnesses, fungal transmission from breathing spoors, and several other secenarios. I found it interesting as it applies to our hobby. I like to know as much as I can about those things I do and what all of the impacts may or may not be to myself. This is a good thread thanks for bringing up the subject.

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                      Ruth, do you know a Texan hobbyist who swim, au naturel, with the koi? Donald
                      Ummm should I?
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                        I swim in the ponds as needed but am a little uneasy about it. After all, the fish might catch something :>)

                        But seriously, Leptosporosis is something of a problem in our area. They did a study once and found that many of the guys working in/around fish ponds had antibodies for Lepto, indicating that they been infected at some point but had probably dismissed it as a bad case of the flu. However, about 10 years ago a fellow died from it after working in a pond which is only about 1000 feet away from ours. Another kid died from it last year after swimming in a stream.

                        There is no doubt that some risk is involved when you mess around with ponds. You can choose to respond to the risk by not touching fish or water and nurturing that phobia. But rubber gloves, rubber boots, respirator, etc. are probably less effective in preventing these types of diseases than are a healthy life style and strong immune system.

                        Slopping around in the water and mud is just part of the process and part of the fun to me. After a glob of black smelly muck flies off a net and lands in your mouth, hand washing seems sort of superficial.

                        -steve hopkins


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                          Same here I have been in all sort of water enviroments and will not stop because of some bacteria. I get in my pond with my koi in the heat of the summer all the time and I and they love it. Swimming in the backwaters and wading in creeks all my life and so has my son and would not keep him out of the water for nothing as he loves it as much as I do. I would think that a swimming pool would be worse than what God has done. If you stay away from all these bad things what is your immune system going to be like. I would say weak. Ran around bare footed in the winter and never got sick, and to this day I dont get sick very much.


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