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    hello everyone. its my first time posting and im posting about liner. i was thinking about a 30 mil liner. anyone using it currently? any problems with it? how thick is it? please help me. i want to order it tomorrow so please put your input.
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    First and foremost thanks for posting and welcome here!

    a liner is as good as it's support. is it going in the ground? is it going into a framed wooden box. How big is the pond? how deep? I'm not trying to be difficult but only wanting to let you know there is a lot to be considered when

    your selection is decided. I would suggest if others are using it in your part of the world then I would also. So much is at stake here that I don't want you to make a hasty decision and then have your hopes and koi's health dashed because of problems.

    I hope you won't take offense to anything I've said!
    Dick Benbow


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      I have 45 mil liner, butyl, and it withstood numerous tree limbs smashing into the pond during hurricanes last August/September. Flagstones broke under the branches that fell, but the liner held up. I have had 30mil in the past on a lily pond. After 10 years it began to lose elasticity and easily developed holes. But for 7 or 8 years, it was fine. Biggest issue with liners is catching waste in folds, and having unstable edges.


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        If you live in a topical region with a temperature of 30-34 degree most of the year you woudn't want to use a liner.



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