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    Hi, Just like to get others opinion on refresh powder, if many people used it, and if notice any improvement ? also the dosage and how often are you supposed to add it in the water.. I know this may differ depending on how much water changes is done weekly etc. but as I am just about to use it, just want to get a bit of idea from those who may have use it over longer period.

    Thanks in advance,
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    Wow, this is great Gus! several new posters today! Welcome.

    I used it faithfully for years and felt it did a great job for me. Then I bought magic stone and used it for years and was convinced it made a difference. I just knew if i added something extra to the water I would have an edge.

    Then i began seriously studying water . I add absolutely nothing to the water now. My koi never looked better. I run several types of filtration media and
    methods. I have 3 airpumps going continually. I run Bakki Showers so there is additionall degasing and adding of air. I have a 24/7 trickle of declorinated water that is low in hardness and in the mid 7's for ph.

    My advice is study water. what is your source water. what is your pond water. what changes or adjustments do you need? It's kinda like with my students who ask what % of salt do I run in my pond. I don't run any unless I need to.I consider it a medication.

    does your water need additional hardness? from a growth standpoint tosai get some bone structure from minerals in the water that are absorbed but older koi get most of what they need from their diet.

    I still have half a bag of refresh from years ago. Once in a while I get a koi to go off their feed and I can't get them to take the pellets. They pick it up and then swim off with it only to have it rise back up and float for another. When that happens I soak my wheatgerm in refresh mixed in water and feed that. if I can get them to take a few pellets they seem to hang on to them better and it settles their stomachs.

    good luck on your quest
    Dick Benbow


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      I've used it religiously for years and I'm sold on it. My thoughts were confirmed when I retired and started helping a friend of mine at his koi business. We started using it there and the water although it already looked good, now looked much better. The koi seemed to be suspended in air, almost as if the water was absent. I've tried others that are cheaper and I can definitly tell the difference. You get what you pay for applies here. I personally like it and will continue to use it.

      As far as dose rates....seen several. Main one states 1 cup per 10 tons of water. Replenish as needed...change 10 % pond volumn put back in 10 % of the original dose. Hope that helps.


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        I use equivalent clay when I get concerned over nitrate levels, but have to say that I have not been using it for nearly a year.


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          Mike what does the clay do for your nitrates?


          Keep it simple, keep it straight


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            The clay will slow the build-up of nitrate. Clays have the ability to capture cations, including cations of substances we consider pollutants. Ammonium cations are adsorbed onto the surface of the clay crystal. With less ammonia available for nitrification, nitrate formation slows; and without as much ammonia available, algae will consume nitrate, further contributing to stabilizing nitrate levels. ..... It gets rather complex, so I'll not bore everybody talking "dirt". Just remember, clay purifies temporarily. Eventually, that adheres to the clay will be released back into the water... whether in hours, weeks or eons, depending on all the circumstances.


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              Thank you for all the replies

              Thank you all for the replies.. and yes Dick, I have not posted for a while, used to do a bit in NI but work has been rather busy (which is good, more money to pay for this hobby)

              My main water is considerably soft (averages on kH of about 40ppm and gH of about the same) but I just find my showa is not getting the black as nicely as I'd like and I am talking about a line of showa that I have been waiting for 4 years (I think that's the limit of my patience). I also notice putting the same line (its sibling) on another pond (in the beaches area) brings out the sumi nicely.. well reading the contents of Refresh is has silica ??, hence the reason I am keen in trying the product


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                I have been using the Powdered Refresh for 5 years now and have found that the quality of my koi's shrioji has got alot cleaner...I add about a tablespoon once a week for maintainence. It's an overall good product.
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                  How does Refresh affect GH and KH?


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           many gallons are you adding the tablespoon to. Thanks.


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                      Silica is also quite good for black. I knew a dealer in oregon who had a silica sand water polisher at the end of his filter system that could bring black out of any koi! He was amazing!
                      Dick Benbow


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