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  • Netting Fish

    Today i have tried to catch my fish so that i could have a close look at them and take a pic.
    They scattered all around the pond and i had no chance i stopped after a minute or so cos i didnt want to stress them too much.
    any ideas from the experts ??

    The pond is 6.5 deep
    They have only been in the pond since october also,maybe i should leave it till the water warms up and they come to the surface more often


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    Here is some thoughts on netting,

    The smaller koi are harder to catch so i always go for them first this time of year.

    I think the bigger koi are harder to net with higher temperatures.

    not seeing a net for a longer time makes each experience more difficult.

    the more you do it the better you get.

    I have a friend of mine that nets his in the off season ( not growing ) just to bring them to the surface and get used to being caught and looks at their skin condition and lets them back. They seem to be less fearful of the net then those who rarely stick a net in the pond.

    try not to single one koi out early on, kinda slowly advance the net toward the group and try and keep several herded to gether the closer you get. I try and get them in a corner and as they rise to the top i bring the net up slowly under them

    ultimately practice will make perfect but i think slow and crafty is better than a fearful chase.
    Dick Benbow


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      SEINE NET......
      Get a seine net the width and depth of your pond.
      Drop the weighted portion of the net to the bottom of your pond. Then you and a partner drag the net from one end of the pond towards the other end, all while keeping the bottom of the net hugging the bottom of the pond and the ends very close to the sides of your pond.
      Once you get as close to the other end as you feel comfortable with then you be able to net your smaller koi without causing undue stress to the koi and you.


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        The seining net is probably the best and the then the largest net you can find with a large diameter and a long pole.


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          If you start had feeding your koi in time they will just swim up into your hands.


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            Oh yeah! Until they see the net !
            Semper in excreta, sumus solum profundum variat


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              Where to start. Netting koi first starts out with the proper equipment. Without it and your gonna pay. your pond is 6.5 deep but what are the dimensions. I would invest in a wood handled pole long almost long enough to reach the other side of your pond and 36"diameter net (heck why not) You may hve this already. Net you want to lay the net into the pond very gently. Target you koi and go slowly anticipate the fishes movement so you know which way they are going. read its body language and see where its pointing and look at pecs fins. You really want to corner is as I doubt most fish are caught in the middle of the pond. Feeling Zen Yet? Well you should as it is very much so. One thign I see most people do is try to spear the fish and chase it. Go slow make the koi feel like nothing is happening.

              Once in the net slowly bring up the net. You dont want the koi to feel like its running our of room to swim. As you do this you will notice where its pointing again anticipate its moves and keep the net high in from of its face as it can get ready to leap out. The more comfortable you make the koi feel the more they became tame to the net and do not get stressed out or jump into your side wall.

              Like anything practice make perfect.. Enjoy!!!!!!
              It's a living creature (chit happens)


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