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  • konoko

    In the showa thread, Mike S. mentions "konoko hi". I did not know what "konoko" meant and tried to look it up. It seems that konoko are those little hi or sumi spots - one spot per scale. Is this correct?

    In looking for a definition, I also came across a photo of a sanke with several rows of konoko hi spots between two normal hi plate areas. This wasn't the highest priced koi on the site, but high enough to make me think that konoko can sometimes be acceptable. Is this correct? What does it take for konoko to not be a detriment? Is it ever desirable?

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    Hi Steve,

    Kanoko is supposed to represent the spotted pattern on a fawn, aka dappled hi. One spot per scale is a close description but mustn't be applied too rigidly.

    The Kanoko variety is a very old Koi variety which was used in the development of Kohaku, and as Kohaku was used in the development of Sanke & Showa the trait was carried over.

    With this in the ancestory it is therefore possible that any of the Go-Sanke can produce a Kanoko throwback. But sadly, the majority of so-called Kaneko patterns are often just deteriorating hi. I suppose you'd never know until you've owned one for a number of years.

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      I think it's called KANOKO.

      Kanoko is used for scales with a hi-colored centres.
      Kanoko can be fund on Sanke, Showa, Kohaku and Asagi.

      There are two "types" of Kanoko-pattern.

      First these Koi who have a kanoko-pattern since birth, this koi can be very attractive.

      The other posibility to have a Kanoko-pattern on a Koi, is fading Hi. Hi is fading from the edges to the centre, so 1 or 2 years, befor the complete disappearance of Hi, a Koi can be described as a Kanoko.

      Koi from the first alternativ, can be expensiv, because good Kanoko as rare.

      The problem, who knows for sure, if you see a Koi at your dealer, if Kanoko is fading Hi, or a good qualitiy rare "born-Kanoko".

      Regards Nico


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        Here is a pic of tom Holders Kanoko Kohaku. I have to say it was as nice in person at ZNA Gardena.
        It's a living creature (chit happens)


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          I agree.

          When you see a real one they can look stunning.

          rgds BERN
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            I'm so embarrassed - can't even get the spelling right. There are two tosai sanke which were born with varying degrees of kanoko somewhere in my cull pond. I had hoped it was going to go away, but didn't. Will have to find them and take another look.

            Thank you very much.

            -steve hopkins


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              Sorry Steve, it's not your fault! I typed it worng in the Showa thread! Bern put the correct spelling up seemingly without noticing the spelling... but I'm sure he did notice!? ;-)

              Must admit, to my mind, Kanoko in a bigger Koi would be a sign of secondary Hi having developed, rather than disappearing Hi. The effect of disappearing Hi would be would usually start with the Kiwa breaking up and looking like Kanoko at the back edge of each step of pattern. Have to say though, that either way, I can't appreciate such Koi! ;-)



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                This is my kanoko sanke (Izumiya) taken 2 years ago at nisai. The kanoko pattern is stable, with the "dappled" look enhanced as the koi has grown over the last couple of years.
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                  I must say that I love that Kohaku!!!! He,he he, and also that someone else has a little trouble with typing, I dont feel so bad now. and also spelling.


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                    KFG, you and Mike are in bed together.

                    Standard spelling mistakes are ignored, but koi terminology is not!!



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                      In bed together uh?

                      I wonder what put the smile back on his face.
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                        Quite pleople like to talk, I would not want this all over the forum LOL


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                          kanoko sanke

                          is it possible that kanoko asagi created sadazo sanke (jari sumi)`


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                            Originally posted by Koi-Schmid-Linden View Post
                            I think it's called KANOKO.

                            Kanoko is used for scales with a hi-colored centres.
                            Kanoko can be fund on Sanke, Showa, Kohaku and Asagi....
                            I recently had the opportunity to observe a mature, beautiful Asagi that had developed a large grouping of 'hi' colored individual scales tightly grouped all across it's back. The owner was not happy, but as it nicely 'echoed' the same color found along the lower sides of an Asagi, it was striking to me. I said nothing, but thought it was quite attractive and an actual improvement on a koi color variation I just don't find all that interesting. (purely a personal opinion. Proud Asagi owners please don't take offense!)

                            So I'm curious, would this be an example of age-related Kanoko mentioned elsewhere in this thread, or is this a fairly common issue with some Asagi?


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                              Here is a pic of my kanoko sanke. Much bigger now.
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