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Anybody has any idea to solve this ?

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  • Anybody has any idea to solve this ?


    I have problem with my current pond now. My pond is 2x2x0.4 metres. Actually at first i built the pond is not for koi, it is a designer indoor pond which only to serve as to make my house look better. However, i decided to convert it into a koi pond and i built filter which is just beside the pond.

    Im going to deepen the pond, the problem is i only can afford to make the pond deeper and well due to land constrain im not able to change its lenght and width.

    How deep should i it be ? and i will having problem with the drainage system, coz the deeper it is means the deeper the filter. what should i do ? is there any possible way to change my filtration system. I'm currently using bottom drain and relies much on gravity to suck all koi faeces. At first i wanted to use vortex system to separate koi faeces, however it will be hard for me, which means. I have to dig the filter even deeper. And i have no idea how to clean the debris at the bottom of the vortex easily. Since the pipe which is used to chanelled out the unwanted water out from my house is higher than the bottom of the filter. So in other way it is possible to build vortex system. Mainly because i unable to channel the debris at the bottom. I have a pump to pump out the debris from the bottom of from my pond, but its so bulky and not convinient.

    Anybody has any idea ?

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    This the the scheme of the pond. The problem is how to get the water from the vortex to the dirty water outlet ?
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      If its gravity fed then you can have the filter as same height as the water level. Sounds like you just want deeper in the pond. So you do not have to change filter setup at all. To drain settlement should not be a rpoblme as long as the water height is higher than the exit drain from house. The water will always find its easiest way out.
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        Or if need be you can attach a pump to the waste outlet of the vortex. I have seen that work well a number of times.
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        Bob Winkler

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          Originally posted by Bob Winkler
          Or if need be you can attach a pump to the waste outlet of the vortex. I have seen that work well a number of times.
          Ive done this with 3 of my vortex's and created manifold with gate valve for each one. Its works great. its like flushing the can. Its fast efective and I can get things done quicker...

          Good I dea Bob I forgot..
          It's a living creature (chit happens)


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            I can't imagine you'd need to go any deeper than 6 feet!
            Dick Benbow


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              Thanks for the reply,

              Can anybody give me any suggestions on how deep my pond should be ?

              I have a plot of land and i have a water spring there. Currently i have a pond below it but it is only to stabilize the water volume. I'm planing to create a mud pond there maybe in March. Does anybody know how to build a good mud pond ? And what is the basic requirements for a mud pond ?

              The main source of water is mainly comes from water spirngs, one is quite big and it is channeled already, where te other one is happened to be on the ground and it is very hard to channel it down. I decided to make a pond on the second spring as to channel the water. Therefore, i think from these two pond it should be enough to fill the future mud pond. About the the water quality, i never test it. What i know is it is very clear and potable. I even drank it straight from the source. So i guess it is harmless.

              Thanx =D


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