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  • Tumor

    This 3 year old koi started developing a tumor Summer 2004. I left the koi outside to allow the winter to euthanize it for me (all other koi go inside). Well, this koi was still alive during a partial thaw. We have been having koi classes at my place so we decided to euthanize this koi and examine the tumor.

    Feel free to use these images as you wish. If anyone is interested, I have larger images (1984x1488) available. E-mail me if you would like them.
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    Looks like there is a lot of fatty tissue to me.

    Nice clean disecction!


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      It looked like Spam to me after I sliced it. We used a real sharp fillet knife.


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        Poor koi had cancer and you saved it


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          Thats the second koi in my pond to have a tumor. Does anybody want me to post pictures of the other one ?

          I wonder if it has anything to do with me living about 4 miles downwind of the Duane Arnold Nuclear Power Plant (DAEC) in Palo Iowa

          Could also explain why my koi glow florecent at night


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            Greg, what do you feed your Koi? Type of foods? Amount?

            Best Wishes,


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              My feed has varried over the years. Rangen, then Mazzuri, then Aquamax 4000 (from Kloubecs), then the Kloubec 44% special blend stuff, now back to Mazzuri. I have been using a pendulum demand feeder for the last 2 years. Summer 2004, I had 85 koi over 12" and they ate around 3pounds a day. I have only had 2 koi with a tumor. The previous one was August 2002. Here's its pictures.

              I also have my own well water. Ive never had it tested for anything harmful.

              I do PP treatments occasionally. I would say usually a 2ppm treatment mabye a couple times a season.
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                It seems to me that could be a cancer of the ovary, but it is difficult to be sure just looking at the photos. Could also be a cancer of the lymphatic due to a virus infection. Next time, go to the nearest vet and you will have the right answer if he make a microscopic examination or if he send it to the histologist. That won't cost a lot of money and could tell you what to do if you have the same problem on a another koi. You could also put a little piece (like a cherry stone ) in formol and send it to me


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