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    Just wanted to show you the two new koi i put into my pond yesterday,not sure what they are but liked the look of them.
    Thats 6 fish now,getting there slowly but surely.
    trying to introduce them 2 at a time .
    I want around 6 more by end of summer
    Is that about right for 3500 gal pond


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    Hi Bedskoi,

    the first koi i would call Doitsu Yellow Hariwake, the second is a Tora Ogon, in my eyes, because it looks metallic.

    Regards Nico


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      Do me a favor bedskoi and get one more koi and quit. That's about 500 gallons per koi. You should be able to get them up to close to 24 inches before they start to football in which case you will need to find homes for one or two.

      In winter I run 500 gallons per koi inside and outside a thousand per each.

      you'll have less problems etc.

      if you can't restrain from overstocking your pond, pls do the koi a favor and establish a constrant trickle of new water in 24/7. Means it needs to be de-clorinaded and have an overflow pipe to waste or a french drain or a bog garden.
      Dick Benbow


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        Bedskoi: A very nice, clean head on the doitsu hariwake. That one will grab attention with its shine. The orenji, on the other hand, in my opinion, needs size to be impressive.

        In regard to stocking, listen to Dick's experience. .... It is so tempting to get more.


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          Thanks for your replies..

          That sort of answers my next question.

          I wanted to introduce a couple of Rudd to the pond as well as a common and mirror carp

          But will now re consider the whole picture



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