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    Recieved my first copy of koi bito. Great subcription. I see why dick was so excited about this issue. ASAGI Mania! Great stuff.

    I noticed on the Momo video an elderly women cutting up sweet potato for the koi. HMMMMMMMM? Any thoughts on this practice. Has anyone else tried sweet potatoe on their koi?

    While we are on this subject, what other readily available foods do forum members here feed their koi to help fulfill their nutritional needs?

    Regards, Kiefer

    from March spawning

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    Kiefer, last year at about this time our local club had a meeting where we discussed koi food. One of the things mentioned was feeding various color enhancers. Sweet potato is a color enhancer. Red, unsurprisingly. Some hobbyists reported getting good red but feeding too much also affected the white; the fish would get pink.

    So I'm sure it is fine in smaller quantities...


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      Yeah feeding Sweet Potato alone will effect the white ground of the koi...We as hobbyist just need to find a fine line of nutrition. At Momotaro basically they use whatever is in season from Tofu, Pumpkin, Sweet Potato..etc...pretty amazing.
      The world sleeps as the chance to learn something new passes.


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        HI Keifer, When you did your spawn last March how did you keep the fry from being sucked into the pump? What type of filteration did you use? Or did you just change the water out everyday?


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          Nice four got pics of the parent koi.
          The world sleeps as the chance to learn something new passes.


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