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PP dipping or Salt dipping?

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  • PP dipping or Salt dipping?

    As it looks now a days salt dipping seems to only prevent certain things..PP dipping seems to do alot more..I wondered what hobbyist thought about PP dipping over Salt dipping and vice versa.
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    I'm not in favor of PP dipping. Salt dipping to remove slime coat between moving a fish from one healthy pond to another is fine by me. Salt dipping an already stressed koi (from shipping or otherwise) doesn't seem that wise -- better to have a good Q-tank ready. Salt dipping in place of a proper Q is right out. Salt dipping then putting the fish back into a infected and untreated pond -- useless.


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      Idea behind dipping is flawed. Parasites may drop away to escape the active ingredient in the dip, and some may be killed immediately, but the only way to kill/remove all the parasites in a brief dip is to expose the koi to high concentrations involving excessive risk. A dip is useless for viral or bacterial infections, which are my primary concerns.


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        Gotta agree with Mike. PP can do a lot of damage. I know some dealers that use it sucessfully in a routine they do with new koi to rid them of parasites. But you'd better Know what your doing! I think any Dr that deals with living things needs to adapt the same mentality to " do no harm".
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