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  • Judge these Kohaku....

    Just wanted to see how you would judge these Kohaku. !st, 2nd, 3rd place and why?
    The world sleeps as the chance to learn something new passes.
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    I like C, B, A.

    C for body conformation, a very white white, sharpness of the hi pattern and balance.

    A is last due to the thinner body, and the very yellow head.

    Just my 2 cents!

    Chris C


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      3 Kohakus,...

      B - C - A - for future potential,... B being far ahead.

      Best Wishes,
      Brady Brandwood


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        For today, C, A and B.

        C because of the purity of the white and overall finish. (The photo wins!)

        A and B are close in my mind. The yellow face of A is bothersome and detracts from the overall brightness of the impression created. B has the same yellow, but less of it is visible due to the patterning on the face. The Hi of A seems cleaner and sharper than that of B. Altogether, I go with A for 2nd.


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          I have always been a futures man and always pick the koi that in the end wins.
          on these kinds of judgements tho I think the effort is to make it known as to what is happening today. C's white is over powering and deserves first. B is next
          as A's face is very yellow and while the "experts" will tell you judging involves quality atleast most of the AKCA types I know always are looking first for pattern and that makes a simple two step at a big disadvantage.

          It's fun tho to do these excercises and to see other's ratings and opinions and i thank the poster for the time and energy to do so!
          Dick Benbow


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            Ok Here is what I think.
            A Very good body but to heavy with the hi, hi running into eyes and to much yellowing in the head. Good koi but not show quality.
            B not best picture, but the koi is to heavy on his on front half of koi, so koi is off balanced and koi is still slim need to beef up a little more.
            C. SHOW QUALITY KOI Very clean and good body shiro is excelent, hi a little messy but should improve with age. When this koi finishes should be outstanding. The hi seams to be good and deep in the pic and the koi is balanced very well. I would love to have that koi.


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              For the future if I had too pick one for purchase I would go with B. It has the best conformation including a nice thick tail joint. The sashi and kiwa also looks promising. My only problem would be the pecs but it is hard too tell from that picture.

              Koi C has the best shiroji but the beni looks uneven and the sashi looks broken up on the third step.

              Koi A has nice beni but the body seems a bit lacking. I would love too see this one in the future.

              So my choice is B,A,C for the future.


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                C, A, B



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                  Oh, sure get a ZNA judge involved and out goes the 2 step theory!

                  ( nice to see you posting here JR )
                  Dick Benbow


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                    1st - C: show ready, clean shiroji, conformation good, nice beni.
                    2nd - B: I aint bother by the menkaburi but still a bit better than A.
                    3rd - A: Skin and conformation not at it's best now but has show pattern.
                    The world sleeps as the chance to learn something new passes.


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                      1st C
                      2nd B
                      3rd A


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                        Hi is Koi C for sale?


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                          These are old pics that I have saved for reference...I studying pics of fish more for pattern and lines .
                          The world sleeps as the chance to learn something new passes.


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                            Well to me Koi C has the best pattern and is well balanced and color is very good. Good luck with your learning.


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                              Well it maybe me, I need a better picture, but I'd say koi C is the best canidate to be shiromuji!
                              It looks nice now, but not conviced on it's future.


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