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    [QUOTE=Mike T" Leather lures??? All I got was a 6" piece of nylon string...I got ripped...

    All kidding aside...what does the leather look like, was it like a shoe lace? Am concerned that the nylon might cut the koi's mouth when he pulls on it... was looking for something thicker...Changed to a 3/16" diameter cotton cord, but koi wouldn't go for it...After two days went back to nylon and all was fine...

    Aloha! Mike[/QUOTE]

    Sorry Mike T!!

    The leather lure looks exactly like a shoe lace. It is about six inches long, doubled in the middle and attached to the nylon cord so that the two 3 inch pieces hang into the water but the nylon doesn't. They suggest dipping the leather into vegetable oil "for faster results" which I did. No idea if that hastened the process.


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      Chris C

      Thanks for the explanation...will try it tomorrow...

      Aloha! Mike


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        The idea is actually very simple and easy to copy....HOWEVER, you'd have to purchase special wood, waterproof glues, and plastic...

        As a 5th generation woodworker I can tell you, unless you have the proper tools and have nothing else to do...It's cheaper to purchase it...

        Besides, the guys who came up with this idea deserve something for making our lives easier...

        Aloha! Mike


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          Kichi Koi Buffet

          Thank you Chris for details etc of this feeder,I have emailed for details.
          I have been trying to think of a plaything for my koi for ages and think this will fill the bill.



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            24 hours? Amazing. I guess it is too much to hope that you were there when they first figured it out.


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              Looks like the leather lures are an optional extra,think I will order them,

              they might be crucial.


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                Mike--caught me! I wasn't actually there when they figured it out. I will concede that is was less than 24 hours, as by the time I went to check at 8 AM, they had happily dispensed themselves at least a cup of food.

                I imagine it was a huge surprise to the first one to do it!

                I was a bit concerned that only the ones who could figure out the feeder would actually get food, but when I looked a second ago, there were a few floating pellets available for any fish.

                Doris--they do seem to enjoy doing it, they swim around the lure until one of them decides to give it a tug. I did not order the leather piece, it just came. It is nothing special, really, just a leather shoelace like piece. I think anything like that which gave them a bit of traction would do.

                Now I wonder what this will do to their growth rates. My impression is that today they are eating more than I feed them, as a rule, but that could just be temporary until the realize that the feeder is staying there.


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                  I have had the koi kichi feeder since last August. It's great--the koi figured it out in less than an hour, and it keeps them busy for hours. There are 3 or 4 "tugger" fish, the rest wait for the pellets to drop.

                  It has been put away for a couple of months, but will probably be able to put it back out in a week or two.

                  The leather lure is a change they made, mine came with the old-style silk lure which didn't hold up well, while a second feeder I ordered as a Christmas present came with the leather one. They mentioned this change when I ordered the second one, and sent me a couple of replacement leather lures for my feeder.

                  Here's a photo from last fall. The post swings the feeder to the side of the pond for easy reloading.
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                    That post is another good idea,will have to have one of those too!!


                    Anyone know more about kichi systems,my email to them has been rejected?

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                      Kichi Koi buffet

                      Hi all,

                      Thank you for all the fine responses to my feeder. It does work. I am the inventor and developer of the Kichi Koi Buffet. I have been using many prototypes or one of the manufactured ones in my pond for the past two summer seasons. My first prototypes were made with a very ugly plastic bottle (hint-hint for all you diyers but I do not think the time and materials involved to make one resembling the one on the market would be very cost or time efficient.)

                      The leather "lure" is a replacement for the nylon string. The nylon string frayed fairly fast. The leather is now standard on all feeders. It is a standard shoe lace leather and is 9 inches long. If any of you would like leather replacements, please email me your address and and I will mail the replacement to you.

                      I would welcome any other questions or comments and also pictures of the feeder in action over your pond. The pictures will be posted on my website and may be used in promotional materials.

                      John Seifert


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                        Thank you John,I have received your email,I shall await your reply re posting and cost!
                        Congratulations on a clever invention.Sure it will be a winner in the UK.I can't wait to have one.



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                          Hi John I want one but the cost is kind of high. I ones that I have prices are 225 dollars. Why so high.


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                            Nice wood and excellent craftsmanship costs money. You can always fashion your own from a large funnel, piece of wire and a rubber ball.



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                              Originally posted by koifishgirl
                              Hi John I want one but the cost is kind of high. I ones that I have prices are 225 dollars. Why so high.
                              Erm? Maybe you are thinking of the 'koi cafe' auto feeders? These demand feeders are around $140 --


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                                Koifishgirl~Demand vs Auto


                                Jason is right, Auto feeders start at around $225, then there's the battery and chargers...Look at $350+

                                Auto feeders, like the name infers, automatically dispenses pellets at set times, Koi Cafe make on heck of a racket each time...

                                Demand feeders are operated by a string being pulled or stick being pushed by the koi when they want to eat...Costs around $150, depending on dealer...

                                Aloha! Mike


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