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Shipping Koi Embryos

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  • Shipping Koi Embryos

    If one were to ship koi embryos next day delivery service, how would one go about accomplishing it? I’m envisioning the following method: Styro foam lined container with a doubled sealed plastic bag injected with pure oxygen. The eggs would be suspended and/or attached to a sterilized sphagnum moss substrate with only several inches of water for the purpose of heat mass storage and capillary fluid for the sphagnum moss. Perhaps the addition of arciflavin or other fungus inhibitor would be prudent.

    Any comments would be greatly appreciated.


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    Where are these goin to be shipped from?
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      They would be shipped from Wisconsin. If you're worried about air transport in a unpresssurized cabin- with low temperatures ...I believe any packages designated as livestock would be in a heated pressurized compartment. Would only attempt this in the moderate summer temperatures anyway.



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        Never done it with koi, but have shipped eggs of other fish. The trick seems to be to get them on the plane as soon as possible - like the day they are spawned. The closer they get to hatching, the more delicate they seem to become.

        Your packing sounds fine but you will have to ship them on whatever spawning substrate was used. Never heard of spawning fish on sphagnum, but I guess it's possible if you sandwich it in a frame. After being in the spawning tank it won't be sterile though.

        The Aussi mentioned separating the eggs from the spawning substrate by dissolving the adhesive. I think he said acetic acid, but go check that thread to make sure. I have also heard that you can use sodium sulfite, but never tried it myself. However, having the eggs attached to the spawning substrate may be a benefit because it will keep them suspended and separated from each other to help fight fungus.

        My preference would be to have them spawned on nylon spawning mat(s) and just ship the whole mat(s). There is nothing to decay and release organics during shipping. Use just enough water to cover the mat(s).

        Temperature would be the largest concern. Koi spawn when the temperatures are changing rapidly so the eggs can deal with some fluctuation as long as its very gradual. If the ambient temperatures are reasonable, I would opt for an extra layer of foam in the box rather than heat packs or cold packs.

        You definitely do not want them hatching in the shipping box because the hatching debris would kill them in such a confined space. It would be interesting to ship newly hatched fry and try to get them to their destination before they are ready to begin feeding. Gut instinct says that shipping eggs would be more successful. Once they begin feeding, they can not be shipped for at least several weeks or more because they could not go without food for that long.

        I am really curious about how this turns out so please keep us posted.

        -steve hopkins


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          Mark, Stay away from the spagnum moss as you don't know what else is coming along with the ride. Everything you said in your comments is right on. I would have the media the koi spawned on shipped. some kind of artificial spawning media. You want to ship them as Bekko suggests immediately after spawning so that you can immediately stabilize the temperature before they begin developing. most hatch in 4 days unless there is a real dip in the temp. You'll be delighted how well thgis works. Many parts of the world because of the warmth/seasons get two spawns and a farmer will raise a crop and sell one off.
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            Interesting subject. Did you know that they shipped salmon and trout eggs to Australia in the 19th century by clipper ship? It look them months to get there with the hold loaded full of ice and some eggs stored in the middle.
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              Austrailia bans the import of koi, but is there a ban on truly fresh caviar?


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                I had posted this very same idea back on KV many many years ago. Glad to see its making its way to mainstream thinking


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