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  • Preview seminar KOI photography

    Preview seminar KOI photography

    Counting down

    Preview seminar

    I am looking forward to 12 march my KOI photo seminar on the
    Central Florida Koi Show

    I sure hope there will be some people intrested in wath I will tell
    to give some idee I made some screenshot's of my powerpoint presentation

    Best regard's

    Martin de Jong.
    Shiro Utsuri
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    Martin in your post I saw the Canon G1. Are some of your pictures taken with a G1?


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      Martin, I know the camera makes a difference. But what would suggest to hobbyist on a budget looking to purchase and new camera or upgrade?
      The world sleeps as the chance to learn something new passes.


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        Fantastic, Martin! Really looking forward to your seminar at the show .... it will not be in the same league as Arcen, but it sure is going to be one of the best shows held in the Eastern U.S. .... One of the U.S.' leading dealers says he has the highest quality Kohaku he has ever seen in this country, just in from Japan, and she will be entered in the show. .... Just about every 8' show tank is reserved because so many large koi are going to be shown. It will be packed.


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