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    In lieu of turning Sansai on my postings; I wanted to try and get some feedback or insights on "Beautiful Koi". HenryC was kind enough to show me some pics of his Sakai Kohaku. IMHO, I found his koi "Very Beautiful". Stunningly soft and elegant, with an underlying regal sense of power and strength. I was wondering if other hobbiest would post pics of other beautiful koi. I know beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder; but I'm sure when a "beautiful" woman walks into a room...everyone will agree (even the ladies), that is a beautiful woman.

    Not necessarily looking for the striking, overpowering, uniquely conditioned koi, but more the soft, elegant, yet powerful "LORAN" Beauties.

    Would also be interesting in finding what other hobbiest find in truly "Beautiful Nishikigoi". Just wanted to throw that out there.
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    My favorite koi of all times from the national fish was "evening Butterfly".I had a daughter from mask of the diamonds but she jumped out of the pond one night and i found her stiff as a board the next day. That was an expensive loss. she was one of 20 to be let out of the country that year.

    for the newbees in koi I apologise ahead of time for using their popular names as opposed to winner of the 17th annual etc etc. I think it's fun to know their knicknames. Of the 3 koi pictured mask is in there! who knows which one?
    Dick Benbow


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      My eyes behold the koi in the second pic. Now thats beauty!


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        LORAN is original OLD OGAWA bred.. not SAKAI..


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          Originally posted by nihonjin
          LORAN is original OLD OGAWA bred.. not SAKAI..
          No offense, but HenryC's kohaku (the Sakai) is not Loran.

          Now if HenryC had Loran, THAT would be news!


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            I know that Loran is not Henry's fish and I know that Loran is not Sakai's fish either. Just posting fish that I think are elegant. I didn't want to post Henry's fish pics without his ok. Sorry for the confusion.


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