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  • Would like to learn

    I would like to learn what to look for when purchaseing small koi, what to look for when it comes to body. Tail section, head and shoulders. I have a problem when it comes to selection in being able to buy koi that will grow big. Can all you top dogs of the forum help me out with this, and maybe post some pic of koi for a learning experience for me.
    Thanks Judy
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    Truthfully, look at the parents first. If you like what you see there ask the breeder to show signs of those traits in the spawn...or MAYBE look for them yourself.
    As to what to look for...look for three year olds; or buy ALOT of Tosai and give them room.
    I have read that big heads will grow into big well as big pectoral fins, big eyes, and thick shoulders and/or a thick tail tube...sorta sounds like if you buy a "big" tosai it will be a big adult, but there are many that profess that some will grow fast in the beginning and others will catch up to them in a year or two....

    When looking at a tosai I try and make sure it doesn't have anything that will be a drawback in the future. And only certain physical aspects can be veiwed as a "drawback" because so many "flaws" in color and pattern on a tosai will go away in time (their biggest flaw is they are tiny.). But things like a deformity or beer gut are not going to change...and certain color patterns will not improve.


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      I could probably write a book for you in details of what to look for but then you'd miss the fun of learning and putting the pieces together for yourself.

      I do want you to give serious consideration to the article on hosokai in the latest KB. Hosokai has come a long way in many varieties to be accepted as a serious breeder of many kawari and gosake. His son has studies with him the entire time. in the article it talks about what his son does in the selection process and which tosai he selects and why. there is a reason why he has come to this decision. worthy of your contemplating it. Also many of the questions you want to learn are answered by Ozawa-san in his articles on reading tosai
      in KB of course!
      Dick Benbow


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        Are you saying that a koi would have to be least 3 years old before I would be able to tell about body At that age would the body not already be their.? Would not a wide tail tube be a sign, and is this not present in small koi. Say 6 inhes. I think I know what to look for in tail section as far as it being full and wide, and thick. Large pec fins I thought is a sigh of a male. Wide shoulder and thick tail tube way a sign of a female. And of course a big head If you want a big koi and you look for these sign would you be always buying female?


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          KFG: There are two levels of challenge.

          The first is in seeing the differences among 100 tosai in the same tub and appreciating what they mean.

          The second is in recognizing the characteristics you seek in a single tosai when there are none with which to compare.

          I have been working on the first level for some time. Don't know if I'll ever get it right. Dick is at level 2.


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            Iwas saying that everyone saids everything...the only way to know you are getting a big koi is to buy one that is almost there.


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